Journey mode:

The first time the 25 long years of FIFA series it had introduces a story mode called Journey. In Journey Mode user will be playing a young talented Alex Hunter who will be given an option to select one of the Premier Leagues. Once he had entered a League and started his Journey, there will be many dialogue wheels, interviews and your every move decides the fate of Alex’s Journey to be number one player in the game. Other than the Journey mode you will also be able to play the campaign mode too.


FIFA 2017 had improved gameplay options with more advanced graphics the game now can provide detailed players with realistic emotions and reactions. More realistic stadiums and crowds. FIFA 17 had improved player interactions, controls, and better goalkeeping. It had developed statistic details, financial systems and players now can interact with managers.

fifa 17 features

New Leagues:

With the ever increasing leagues in the FIFA series, there are two new leagues added to the FIFA 2017. In the previous editions, EASports had added many Turkish, Chinese and Irish leagues to the game. This time, they had added two Japanese leagues J1 League and J1 League Cup to woo the Japanese fans. Other than the new Leagues, this time, FIFA series had more realistic real life coaches and managers.

FrostBite Engine:

The biggest change in FIFA 17 from FIFA 16 is the shift in the game engine. You may think it is Journey mode but without the FrostBite game engine, it is not possible to create Journey Mode. It provides more detailed player interactions, accurate simulations and all the major changes to the FIFA 17 were likely due to FrostBite.


FIFA 2017 is supported by many platforms which include PC, Smartphones and console devices. It supports Android and iOS for Smartphones, Microsoft Windows for PC and Play Station 3, 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360 for Consoles. Multiple platforms give more flexibility to the game, and Story Mode is only available for Console and PC’s.

Set pieces Rewrite:

Even though there is no official statement about the Set Pieces from the EA Sports, it is very clear that there are many changes to the set pieces from the Trailers and Gameplay videos. There are many overhauls to the free kicks, penalties, corners and more.

Active Intelligence system:

FIFA had an improved Active Intelligence system as it had every year but this time, there are many exciting changes to AI System. Players now had more flexibility to move, react and read.

Better Ball Control:

FIFA 17 had improved ball control which facilitates more tactics in passing the ball, taking shots and better throws from the keeper. The game had improved collision physics which provides better realistic ball movements in the match.

New Attacking techniques:

EA had added multiple attacking techniques for more exciting gameplay. Driven finish, driven goal kicks, threaded through pass and downward headers are the new techniques that are added to FIFA 17.

Virtual World Interactions:

FrostBite made it possible to interact more in the virtual world for more immersion into the game. Players can use tunnels, manager’s office, locker rooms and team plane. we need a super smooth and high quality keyboard to play this game. here we write a detail post about the buying guide of Best gaming keyboard .