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Showbox: A Perfect Replacement of Torrent


Well, getting rid of Torrents wasn’t really an option because half the torrent sites are already gone! However, if you are wondering where to go to next to download movies and TV shows, we have your back. Anyway Torrents is a rather illegal way to get to see TV shows and movies, but Showbox on the other hand helps you have all the latest releases (sooner or later) for free, without having to go for paid subscriptions. Content you get in here is definitely satisfactory and you’d not miss out on shows and movies anymore! All you need to do is download the Showbox apk file on your tablet, smartphone or PC and then you can just Showbox and chill! Let us have a look at what the latest update of the Showbox application has to offer.


  • All the news right here: Not that’s something new and sure different! With Showbox, rest assured about not missing out on any news related to the movies and TV shows. The app shall keep you updated about all the latest developments ranging from the teasers or trailers to of course, all the inside stories! And that sure is super cool!
  • Latest releases: Now torrents was our go to place, but it of course did have its own con, and that is the quality constraints. There is however, no assurity about the kind of quality we’d get after downloading a torrent file, and well, you never know if it turns out to be nothing but a camera recorded video. However, as far as Showbox is concerned, we need not worry about the quality, for they’d get you highest possible quality for the movies and TV shows!
  • Movies and TV shows: Showbox is pretty much the alternative after the disappearance of Showbox. You therefore need not worry about latest releases for Showbox has you backed up for all that you’d wish to have.
  • Streaming: Yet another of the advantage that this app has over any other is that just in case you’d not want to download the videos, you can simply stream them online and watch them up! So no more storage issues! Simply download and have your viewing sorted!
  • Available for free: Yet another of the best part in here is the fact that the videos are available for free and you have to pay for nothing! Watch as much and as many times you want (If online) or simply download as much as you’d want to!

So there you go! Bless us later!

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