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Best New Year 2017 Travel Destination (Updated)

New Year celebration is a memorable festival of our life. It comes once in a year but last its fragrance up to the next year. Do you ever think that what is the best place to celebrate New Year? Every country celebrates this day on its own way. But the question is which one you want to select when the clock strike 12 on December 31st. Here I want to give all the information about those countries where this day observes with great arrangement. Many countries arrange so many stunning fireworks, beach party, cultural program and other activities for all common people. Check the list and choose your favourite destination for this Happy New Year 2017.

best new year destination


For New Year celebration the most attractive and stunning place is New York City. No one can deny the fact. Millions of people gather in Times Square to see the huge arrangement of New Year celebration. Here you can see the 12 feet wide crystal ball dropping from the top and famous band and musicians to perform. Though everyone cannot afford this but if your pocket permits you should go and feel the atmosphere.


Sydney also arranges heart touching New Year Eve celebration. It is the first major city where the clock strikes midnight. The main place of celebration is Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Here you can see the most beautiful fireworks on the waterfront. Approximate one million people attend this celebration.


You may have seen lot of new year images regarding the celebration RIO DE JANEIRO, it actually looks like heaven during the festival. We all know that Rio De Janeiro is famous for its carnival activities. It is surrounds by so many beaches and Copacabana Beach is the best among them. Here Brazilian people host world’s largest New Year Eve party. Here you will see the traditional rituals and custom of Brazil. Over two million people come here to cover this event.


Celebration in London is also a spectacular thing. It is the old city we all know. Here the main celebration starts when the clock struck 12 at Beg Ben. The London Bridge and other bridge decorate with light and various fireworks. More than 2.50 lacks people gather to watch this show.


Hong Kong is the most amazing place where we can see amazing New Year celebration. This place is within Asia. The main center of this celebration occurs in Victoria Harbour. Here also you get awesome fireworks. The evening activity is really nice here.

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