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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: When Can We Expect it to be launched?

galaxy note 8

All eyes are struck on Samsung since when they announced that they have started working on their next Galaxy 8 earlier this year.So we are quite sure that the Galaxy Note series is not yet dead after the fiasco with Note 7. The expectations of all the Samsung lovers are already high on Galaxy Note 8, since they believe this time the phone will definitely be superior and most importantly safer from its previous version. There are many rumors already in the market which say this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to be the best phone that Samsung has ever produced till now.

galaxy note 8

Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

We all know the battery disaster incident of the previous version of the phone i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The battery of the phones was getting caught by the fire and eventually burst. Samsung needed to call off all the Note 7 smartphones from the market due to this incident. Even Airports had banned these phones in aircrafts. Samsung had lost billions of rupees due to this debacle. Sales plunged like hell for Samsung, and the company was down and out for a brief period of time.

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Samsung, later, mainly blamed the structural integrity of the phone for the mishap. But a lot of others analysts mention that this was not the complete story. Putting a bigger battery in Galaxy Note 7 and try to launch it before the Apple iPhone 7 series were the two main reasons of the disaster.

Galaxy Note 8: Probable Launch Date-IFA 2017

Most of the experts are expecting that the Galaxy Note 8 Release Date is scheduled for IFA-2017 which is all set to take place on 1-6 September 2017. Even IFA Executive Director, Jens Heithecker, himself said in a press conference that he would want to see Galaxy Note 8 in IFA 2017 in Berlin. He said ““My personal perspective is that IFA would be the better place (to unveil the new Note smartphone).”

There is a reason why everybody is expecting the Note 8 in IFA, as Note 1 was first introduced in IFA 2011 followed by the launch Note 2, 3, 4 in the years followed. Only for Note 5 and Note 7, Samsung had a standalone launch between which Note 7 was a disaster. Hence it’s pretty easy to expect that the next Note 8 is going to be introduced in IFA-2017.

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Regarding the launch, The Korea Times also said “The big advantage is that we have a lot of media and journalists from all around the world in Berlin. It is not possible to bring them all together in other cities wherever it is, in August. That’s our offer.”

Last Word: iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It is almost certain that Apple is going to launch their next dream phone iPhone 8 in the middle of September 2017. So once Samsung launches their next big project Galaxy Note 8 in the first week of September 2017, it would be a great thing to see who wins the customer trust at last. It will be an interesting battle to see who wins the last laugh-Samsung or Apple.

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