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FIFA 18 Might Include a Number of New Leagues

The ongoing season in the world of football is approaching its end. And the news feed from that section is now slowly getting filled up with transfer news. There have been quite a few in the recent past, and it is more than obvious that it is going to rise in number. Amidst this real-life football, there are updates coming from the virtual world as well, the world of video games that is. And to be very frank, many are expected to turn out to be true once the new edition in the game releases.

FIFA 18 Release Date

We were talking about FIFA 18, and that is quite clear as we were talking about the changes that are going to be brought in the new edition. Before going into the elaborate discussion of the new additions that are going to come in with the unveiling of FIFA 18, we need to take a look at the release date. And it can be safely predicted that it is going to be in the latter half of the month of September this year that we would be able to come across the first looks of the game. For the last three edition Electronic Arts (EA), the developer of the games in the FIFA franchise (in case you are unaware of that) went on the third Tuesday in the month of September to launch the latest edition of the game. So it is believed that there isn’t going to be any exception this around as well.

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Now as we finally move on to the changes that are going to take place in FIFA 18, the first thing that comes to our mind is one of the in-game things. And that is the inclusion of a new league in the game. As of now, there are reports that the Chinese Super League is somewhat confirmed to make an appearance in FIFA 18. Among the others, we have the Indian Super League. So that comes as great news for the Indian fans of football. There are also talks going on that the third division league in Germany is also going to be a part of the upcoming version of the game.

Moving on from the new leagues that are going to appear in FIFA 18, we focus on the Journey Mode which has been a big hit among the fans. The general question that has popped up from the fans concerns the return of the Journey Mode. And all those who are worrying about the presence of the Journey Mode in FIFA 18 should be informed that it would be a really gutsy move to remove such a big hit. In fact, it would be too much of a risk on behalf of EA to remove The Journey Mode from FIFA 18. Hence, the fans can stay somewhat assured of the fact that The Journey Mode is going to make a comeback into FIFA 18.

Definitely, there are more questions which are making rounds regarding the inclusions and the exclusions in the game FIFA 18. And it can be said that all these will be answered once the game gets uncovered in the month of September. Till the release date of FIFA 18 you do not have any option other than relying on the leaks and rumors which come up frequently from various reliable sources.

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