Security is one of the primary things that each and every person across the world is craving for, and this trend has extended to all sectors of everyday life. Smartphones and other electronic gadgets being an integral part of the human life these days have also managed to put some focus on the security issues. Most of the developers of smartphones across the world are looking forward to packing the latest smartphones with the best possible security measures. Apple being one of the leading smartphone developers who have a huge number of fans across the world isn’t too far behind when it comes to the security of the smartphones they are producing, and the latest reports suggest that the US-based brand is all set to strengthen the safety of the upcoming smartphones.

Apple is in the news for all sorts of rumors regarding the probable features of the Apple iPhone 8. And here also we are talking about one of the probable features of the Apple iPhone 8. Taking the cue from the discussion regarding the rise in the trend of providing the users with better security in the smartphones, it can be stated that Apple iPhone 8 is all set to take a giant leap when it comes to the security of the smartphone. The latest update has revealed that the developers are making an attempt to include Iris scanner in the smartphone which is definitely going to enhance the security issues of the upcoming flagship device from Apple.

iphone 8 to feature iris scanner

The Iris scanner made its debut in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which had to be snapped after the rise of bursting issues regarding the battery. However, the Iris scanner was something that was path breaking, and all the new smartphones are looking forward to adopting this feature. Apple iPhone 8 is the latest addition to that list. And this is something that all the fans of Apple smartphones will definitely look forward to when it arrives on the market.

Other than that there are a number of rumors that have surfaced in the recent past. One of those new speculations reveals the fact that the Apple iPhone 8 will be featuring a wireless charging facility. A few months back such a rumor did surface, and that is all set to gain momentum if we go by the latest report from one of the reliable sources in Taiwan. The wireless charging is something that all those who are waiting for the Apple iPhone 8 with great eagerness will be really excited to see making an appearance.

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Despite all these news and updates regarding the possible features of the Apple iPhone 8, it remains to be seen what the actual configurations of the device are going to be when the Apple iPhone 8 gets unveiled within a few months’ time. It has been reported that the production process has already kicked off although that does not indicate that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to make an appearance at an early date. It is expected that the Cupertino-based brand is going to launch iphone 8 in the month of September this year.