Sports have somewhat become a passion. And with sports-based video gaming series, serious sports lovers tend to become serious gamers. With the football-based video game, we now know that FIFA 18 is going to unveil shortly, but not just FIFA. There is another gaming series that have long been cultivated to be the best. And with NBA 2K series, developers have been implementing all their hard work to offer the best with the upcoming NBA 2K18.

With the revolution of the gaming industry, we get to witness some of the finest gaming series. Now that NBA 2K18 is much into anticipation, we would like to let you know that we have gathered some of the hottest wishlist features of the game. Check below carefully.

womens tournament might be a part of NBA 2k18

NBA 2K18 Few Wishlist Features

With the participation of women players, NBA 2K18 would take a huge leap to a different level. Gamers have witnessed Women’s League in FIFA 16, and much to the anticipation, FIFA too might bring the Women’s League this time with the unveiling of FIFA 18. But when NBA 2K18 is concerned, we have high expectations for the installment to create something extraordinary.

NBA 2K18 might come up with an increase in the customization. No doubt there is the customization that is available in the game, but that brings us to the fact that there would be a rise in the option in order to create one’s own player alongside some new and trendy customized tattoos too. Also, we want the customization option to be available across other board and not only for specific levels.

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As speculations have reportedly made the development of the game to be more realistic, we would love to flaunt if developers introduce something to be named as the post-match interviews. By this gamers would be able to partake deeply into the game surreally. Players also hope to witness some activities off the court. This might bring more realism as players, with fame can become rich and hang out on different luxurious places. Alongside, it will put an introduction to the next step of realism in the game.

Wrap Up…

NBA 2K18 is already one of the finest video games touted in the genre of sports. And with the upcoming installment, we get to witness something greater than before. However, developers have not yet announced anything officially and therefore via speculations we come up with NBA 2K18 with a probable release date shortly in the year 2017.