Since the first season, Vikings is a show that has been able to enchant the audience with its unique plot and authenticity of the storyline. In its journey, till the last season (fourth) the series has come a long way depicting the life of the Vikings with their historical king Ragnar. But the fans of the show is looking forward to the coming fifth season as it will be the first season without the lead and the pot is expected to get some great twists!

Every day a new rumor is coming, and as per the latest rumor, something interesting is going to happen with the characters of Floki and Harald. The sneak peek for the upcoming season came just after the end of the last season, and it showed Floki to discover a new land and as per the speculation it is Iceland, but it will come unexpectedly as Floki will face a terrible storm and will be washed up ashore.

Vikings season 5 rumors

Harald: the New Villain!

On the other hand, through the clip, we also got to see Harald with the crown. The crown on Harald’s head is not good news for Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). As per the previous season, Harald wanted to rule Norway and wanted to be a Lothbrok. In the upcoming season, it is expected that Harald and Lagertha will be seen in a face off and the possibility is the latter will have a slim chance of being the victor. Thus the speculation suggests even Lagertha may see the end of her life in the show.But Herald is not the only threat to the coming season as Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) too will be one of the antagonists to appear with his villainy next season, but his part of the story of has yet to be revealed.

Death of another Ragnar Son

Yes! There is a possibility of the death of another Ragnar’s son. The previous season has already seen the death of Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (David Lindstrom), who was accidentally murdered by his brother, Ivar the Boneless. So the possibility is either Ubbe or Hvitserk can meet his fate in the coming season while Ivar’s relationship with Bjorn will get better and they will plan to conquer the world together!

While there are plenty of theories and expectations, we are still waiting for the series to air as only then all the speculations will be answered. The premier date of the fifts season of Vikings is still not revealed yet, but we got to know that it will showcase at the end of this year.