News and updates related to the new titles in the field of video games are coming in consistently from different sources. And most of the news and updates bear some sort of an update related to its in-game aspects. WWE 2K18 isn’t any exception. In fact, since the announcement of the official WWE 2K18 release date, there has not been a lack of new updates. Some of those have come from the official and some from others.

It was way back in the month of June that we came across the launch date of WWE 2K18. And the announcement made sure that the previous speculations regarding the release date of the game did not turn out to be false in the end. The scheduled date is very much in line with the previous trend that the publisher of the game 2k Sports has maintained over the years.

If we observe the previous dates when a new edition of a game in the WWE 2K series has been launched, we can see that it is generally in the month of October that the new game has been released. However, in the earlier days when the title used to be WWW Smackdown vs Raw, it used to be in the month of November that the gamers could see the new edition of the game. In fact, the last two editions of the series with the Smackdown vs Raw title came out in October. So there has been no exception as far as the release date of WWE 2K18 is concerned. The only exception can be spotted if we take a look at the WWE’12 for that is the only title in the newly named series that has got a November release date.

WWE 2k18 release date
WWE 2k18 release date

Along with the announcement of the WWE 2K18 launch date, the publishers have also revealed a lot. In that long list, we have the cover star of the game as well. 2K announced that WWE 2K18 would have Seth Rollins on the cover of the game. There were quite a few names which were making rounds, but in the end, it seems, the developers chose the perfect man. Not just that, the trailer which has been launched has hinted at a number of interesting things which have intrigued the fans to a great extent.

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Wrap up

So with the WWE 2K18 release date approaching fast, we have a lot of news and updates coming in. And on the scheduled date, we will finally be able to get an idea of the actual features of the game. Surely the gamers are getting eager to get their hands to the game. They won’t have to wait too long as they have to wait for just three more months which is not too long.