Top 5 Steam Mops with pros and cons

The steam mop is an excellent cleaning tool & in a way it is sometimes a lot better than the regular vacuum cleaner. The best part of any steam mop is it can not only clean off solid dust much like any vacuum cleaner but can also clean off strong stains & disinfect surfaces. A typical steam mop can clean off 99% of germs & bacteria It can be used on multiple surfaces starting from tiles, carpets to curtains. Following are five best steam mop that you can consider if are deciding on a steam mop.


This is a product from Bissell, which is one of the best product available in market & one which is excellent value for money. Comes in 3 different colors, it can clean off 99% of germs & bacteria. It comes with added fragrance which can be added with the water to get a fresh fragrance after cleaning. Works in all kind of surfaces starting from wood to curtains. The water is heated quickly within 30 seconds & comes with a 1500 watts of power. This model can also work as a typical vacuum cleaner which can clean up dust particles. Comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Powerful motor & quick heating ability
  • Adjustable handle with soft grip
  • Fragrance adds a good smell


  • Heavy which makes it difficult to carry
  • No additional accessories
  • Hard to see controls


This is another steam mop which is worth considering if are looking for a steam mop. Powered by a 1500-watt motor which allows water to heat up in just 30 seconds. Comes with a V-shaped pad which works perfectly in evenly spreading the steam across surfaces. The V-shaped pad though is not flexible but can reach under the furniture. The handle is adjustable & comes with a funnel which easily lets you fill up water. Also comes with two additional micro-fiber pads, a dusting pad & a carpet-glide attachment.


  • Low cost & lightweight
  • Comes with additional attachments
  • Easy to fill up


  • 1-year warranty
  • Not flexible head


This product from Haan is one of the great steam mop available in the market. This is a product which can suffice to every need one can have from a cleaner. SI-70 comes with a removable handle which makes the device easily operable hand-held. It is fitted with a swivel head allowing it to reach & clean areas which are difficult to reach. The model is fitted with easily removable water tank, which can be removed easily & can be fitted back with just a press. The trademarked smart steam enables the mop to evenly spread the steam. With quick heating, it can heat up water in just 20 seconds. Portable & can be easily stored in a tight place. Cleans everything from soft surfaces like curtains to pillows & hard surfaces like wooden tiles to marbles.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Portable & can be used handheld
  • Easy to fill up & comes with a different attachment


  • On the heavier side
  • 1-year of warranty


Another great product you can consider is a product from Hoover. This system comes with 2 different tanks which allow both water or multi-purpose disinfectant. Comes with swivel head which is triangular in shape, the swivel head makes it easier to reach un areas which are difficult to reach to. Comes with a very long cable cord, with a disinfectant solution, extra microfiber pad, cooling tray & a carpet glider. Houses an indication light & works on any kind of surface from hard to soft. The cooling tray protects surfaces from heating up a lot. The removable water tray makes it easier to refill.


  • Easy to use & is not heavy on pockets
  • Two separate water tanks
  • Long cable


  • Cannot be used handheld


Another great product which you can consider, comes from the house of SharkNinja. Heats up quickly designed to work on hard floors. The cleaner comes with on-demand variable steam, which delivers steam when & where needed while cleaning. The company provides dual sided cleaning pad which makes the life of the pad longer. Can hold more water than many models available.


  • Low cost
  • Dual-sided usable cleaning pad
  • Big water holder


  • No extra accessories
  • Cannot be used handheld

These are our best steam mop reviews, obviously, there are other products available in the market. Comment down below if you have used any of these products or other product which you think everyone should know about.

Best Hiking Watches for Men

Hiking is a great passion if you can handle it scientifically. Or a perfect hiking you must have certain things to be more accurate in your journey. These things are the correct mapping, location tracking, pace monitoring etc. but now you can have one watch that can deal with all those things at the same time.  Here we come with the best hiking watches for men who are too much into outdoor activities!

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire

Garmin is a well-known brand for multisport GPS watch. Its Fenix 5X Sapphire offers some great features to be one of the best hiking watches. It has GLONASS capability to track more challenging conditions than GPS alone can do. as well as the 3 axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter with full-color TOPO U.S. mapping outdoor navigation enhances its importance to a great level. This watch offers Sapphire Glass for ultimate clarity in different lights and shades, the rugged design that features stainless steel bezel, buttons and rear case. Its features include smart notifications and that automatically uploads to the online fitness community Garmin Connect, for a more personalized use. Perfect for adventure, it is also apt for work out sessions with preloaded gym activity profiles that includes strength, cardio and elliptical training, floor climbing, stair stepping, indoor rowing and even yoga. Comes with a dimension of 2 x 0.7 x 2 inches and weighs 1 pound. It has three different dial sizes and multiple colour variants to choose from. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire prices $780. If budget is not an issue for you go for this best hiking watch.

TomTom Adventurer Cardio + Music GPS Heart Rate Monitor / Outdoor Watch

TomTom comes up with its best hiking watch that offers you Real-time Information with GPS and Barometer. It provides Outdoor Sports Mode, to sink with different outdoor sports and activities. The features offer Built-in Heart Rate Monitor, along with Trail Exploration, Integrated Music Player (3 GB) including Bluetooth headphone, and even Automatic Lift Detection. This multifunction hiking watch weighs 0.62 Pounds, has a dimension of 4” x 4” x 4” and comes in black in colour. TomTom is an international brand and thus it is a bit pricey and costs $329.99. We will recommend you this hiking watch if you can handle the price!

Pyle Multi-Function LED Sports Training Watch with GPS Navigation

Pyle is another brand of hiking watches that have come up with Multi-Function GPS Technology. This LED sports watch has Global Positioning System Maps and GPS-Enabled to Measure Pace Included Computer Software with Detailed Maps and GraphsRemembers. So that you can get the navigation more accurately than ever, with the detailed mapping and all these can be synchronized with your computer. This watch can correspond with your past routes and times tracks training sessions. The item dimension is 9.00″ x 2.00″ x 0.75″ and it weighs 0.74lbs. Comes in blue colour, this hiking watch costs $163.43.

This list comprises some of the best hiking watches of all time. Buy them as your choice and pocket support as all of them have a good review!

The Best Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2018 to Look Out For

We are already one month down in 2018 and this is a good time to take a look at the best upcoming Xbox one games of 2018. While we didn’t have too many great game launches last year for the Xbox gaming console, 2018 seems to be quite promising as a number of new games are in the pipeline to debut on the XBox One, the latest gaming console from Microsoft. Without further adieu, let us take a look at some of the best games we can expect this year.

Upcoming Xbox One Games 2018: Our Top List

Crackdown 3: It’s been nearly ten years since the launch of Crackdown 2, and now finally the makers of the game Regent Games are ready to release the next installment, Crackdown 3. Although nothing much about the games has been revealed as yet, but we are sure the new installment is going to emphasize on destruction. Players are likely to have a great time in the game and would be able to destroy practically anything within, because of a new cloud-based computing platform called Microsoft Azure.

Sea of Thieves: Sea of Thieves is about leading a pirate’s life, by looting islands, attacking other ships in the ocean and scavenging for treasure. This game is quite similar to the famous movie series “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Captain Jack Sparrow” Players would also be able to craft their own stories using various in-game tools. These crafted gameplay stories may even be uploaded online for other players to download and enjoy.

The Last Night: It is an indie platform video game developed by Odd Tales. This game has a futuristic theme, where the players are taken to the future, with the main character of the game, a man named Charlie living a simple life in the lower reaches of the society. Most of the daily work has been taken over by robots, with the character left to explore the city on his own, interact with other civilians and also get into gunfights. The developers were not too keen to bring out a full version of the game, but after the popularity, it achieved after a video clip was featured in a game jam, they relented. This game would be available to both Xbox One and Windows PC users.

Wrap Up

We hope our guide to the best upcoming Xbox One games 2018 has given you an insight into which games to look forward to this year. We are going to bring more guides about other topics soon so don’t forget to keep an eye on this website.

Panasonic P66 Mega launched for Rs 7,990

Panasonic has come up with something new experience. We are talking about P66 Mega, its newest P-Series smartphone, which has 21 Indian native languages built in. The mobile phone is priced at Rs 7,990. Apart from the other features, the P66 Mega features all the modern connectivity options such as Bluetooth, GPS and also double SIM 3G as well as 2G. It seems they have left nothing behind to pour into the P66 Mega.

Let’s come into the inner discussion of this device. Powered by a 3200mAh battery, it looks like a power giant and we can bet if it works as it said then it will join the elite club of a smartphone with long-lasting batteries. the device works on Android Lollipop 5.1 and a 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor clubbed with 2GB RAM and 16GB flash memory which can be expanded to 32GB, Panasonic said in a declaration.

Features of the camera are just ok at this price band but the resolution will be better because of the screen quality it has on it. The 8MP back camera equipped with flash works well even in low light due to its wide angled aperture and 5MP front camera are accompanied instant capture option which helps to take a selfie while in motion, all of these features are accompanied by a 12.7 cm HD IPS display screen. Panasonic did not go for OLED display this time and settled down for best HD experience. On the software application front, we get Android 5.1 Lollipop with Panasonic Icon UI on the top. It is confirmed that this smartphone will be upgraded to Android Marshmallow after few months.

“Digital India has to do with all about bridging the digital divide through modern technology and connecting individuals to the electronic world in their own language. The having numbers of mobile internet users in India is evidence of the electronic ambitions of Indians today” Pankaj Rana, business head of mobility department, Panasonic India, stated while announcing the launch of the device.

By setting up a multi-language profile in their latest device, Panasonic seeks to attach Indians via mobile phone modern technology to the world of opportunities in mobile financial, online purchasing, social networking and online entertainment as well.

There will be some color options available for you to choose from. The Panasonic P66 Mega will be available in Electric Blue, Rose Gold, as well as Russet Brown color variations. Panasonic had recently launched the security-oriented smartphone, the Eluga Mark, with a tag price of Rs 11,990

Our Best Tutorial Guide to Buy The Best GPS Watches

With the modern-day technology, tracking our day-to-day activities have become a lot easier. By now, you must know what exactly we are talking about. This guide talks everything about the best GPS watches of 2017. While we have provided 2 finest ones on our list, first you need to know why exactly you need to use a GPS watch. Read on to unfold all your answers.

2 Best GPS Watches of 2017

A GPS watch is very useful and when you are trying to figure out why exactly you need a GPS watch, here’s the reason. First, it helps you to control your day-to-day activities thus letting you stay connected with the recorded information. Second, a GPS watch is the only way to monitor your heart rate. And the overall reason to get hold of a GPS watch is that it measures your distances and the locations traveled. Now that you know the reason for using a GPS watch, here’s the list of 2 best GPS watches of this year.

Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch

The Polar M600 Sports Smart GPS Watch happens to be one of the best GPS watches of this year that is manufactured for runners. As for the key specs, one can expect this GPS watch to measure an accurate GPS tracking. Not only that, it is an Android-based GPS watch and is touted to be one of the finest smartwatches for hiking enthusiasts. That being said, for the fitness savvies, this watch is the ultimate. Moreover, to add the cherry on the cake, let us remind you that this Polar GPS watch comes with a great app support. Talking about Apple, it is one of the most engaging brands to manufacture not only high-end smartphones (the iPhones) but also is an outstanding performer concerning Apple smartwatches. Apple Watch Series 2 doesn’t only packs in a number of sensors such as the gyroscope, heart rate monitor, but also offers best features on the connectivity front. This includes both Bluetooth as well as WiFi options. For the serious fitness freaks, you must know that Apple Watch Series 2 comes with accurate sensors and features 1.5-inch OLED Retina display.

Wrap Up

This leads us to draw the conclusion of our guide to best GPS watches of this year. Apart from Apple Watch Series 2 and Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch, there are other GPS watches such as TomTom Spark 3 Cardio +, Withings Steel HR, Suunto Ambit 3 Peak HR Running GPS Uni and more. You can even go for them. Hope you enjoyed reading our guide.