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You TV Player for Windows 10: Best Free Video Streaming App

You TV Player for Windows 10

From switching over the traditional telephones to communicating via emails and instant messages, our lives have increasingly become the networked space. With this kind of digitalization that has taken place in today’s digital world, our livelihood has proved to be as right as rain. And as time runs like the wind, the newer technologies come by and teach taught us how to be connected with the entertainment world very effortlessly. Despite the availability of various entertainment apps in the recent time, we rely on few of them. Of which, You TV Player holds much importance. In this guide, we aim to talk how to use You TV Player for Windows 10. Get the steps known by the below-mentioned method.

You TV Player for Windows 10

You TV Player for Windows 10

Things to Remember and Steps to Use You TV Player for Windows 10

Before proceeding with You TV Player for Windows 10, you must know the minimum system requirement in order to explore the services offered via You TV Player. These are the below-mentioned things that one must remember before installing You TV Player for Windows 10.

  • The first and the most necessary thing that one must remember is that your device must run any of the Windows operating system from the mentioned ones: Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 or even the latest Windows 10.
  • Second, keep in mind to use the Intel Pentium 1.6GHz (minimum). You can always use the new generation AMD processors that are available.
  • At least 2 GB of RAM is necessary for You TV Player for Windows 10 to work efficiently.
  • You also need at least 500 MB of free storage apart from the RAM specs.
  • Last you definitely need an impeccable and fast internet connection.

With that being said, let’ us now get started with steps that have been mentioned right below.

Step 1: Download You TV Player apk on your Windows device.

Step 2: Download an Android Emulator. Here we are going to use the BlueStacks emulator. Visit the official page of BlueStacks and download it on your device. After which, install the software.

Step 3: Set the emulator’s file up upon this.

Step 4: Install the You TV Player .apk file by clicking the apk file and choose “open with” and then select BlueStacks from the programs list. Once the installation is complete, you will receive a notification. Open You TV Player anytime you want and explore the app.

Wrap Up

Now that we have clearly mentioned the step-by-step guide, use the app efficiently and in case you come across any problem, let us know via the comment section. We are there to help you out.

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MovieBox for iOS: How to Download MovieBox for iPhone, iPad & Mac


Good news for all the movie buff apple users all around. Now you can download and use your favourite video and movie downloader app MovieBox in your iPhone, iPad and Mac. MovieBox has already created a lot of noise in the app world as it is considered one of the best apps to watch, download and enjoy one’s favourite movies, music and TV shows. Now with these methods of using MovieBox for iOS, makes all the apple user’s life more convenient who are eager to watch and download all the latest stuffs in one app.

MovieBox: Features for iOS

  • Latest Content: -You will find all the latest movies, music and TV shows inside the app and that too are regularly updated.
  • User-Friendliness: - The interface of the app is very simple, swift and interactive and hence the feel-good factor is present for the users.
  • Watch Movie Offline: - When you do not have proper internet connection, watching movies and TV shows offline feature is also present in the app.
  • Genre Segmentation: - All the content in the app are meticulously divided in different genres and subgenres like comedy, action, sci-fi etc. so that users don’t have to search for their favourite stuffs.
  • HD Quality Videos: - All the videos present inside the app is mostly of 1080 HD quality, so that the users get the best of experience.
  • Free Download: - All the videos can be saved and downloaded in your device without any cost.
  • Making Your Own Playlist: - Users also have the option to make their own playlists inside the app according to their choice.
Moviebox for iOS devices

Moviebox for iOS

MovieBox: How to download in iOS?

MovieBox is compatible with iOS 9.2.1 and other versions and your device need not be jailbroken in order to install and use MovieBox. As there is no official site of MovieBox, one needs to install Vshare to download MovieBox for iOS device.

Here are the steps explained below for installing MovieBox in your iOS device: -

  • Go to Settings > General > Profile > Developer and then click on Trust Developer
  • Download Vshare and choose the option Unjailbroken
  • After downloading Vshare, double click it and follow all the instruction to install it on your device
  • Open Vshare and in its search option, type MovieBox
  • Click on it and then download and install MovieBox in your iOS device

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The features and downloading process of MovieBox for iOS will surely allure you to opt for this app. Thus without wasting time just go for it and share your experience with us to make us improve and help others to get interested for the app.

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Download PlayBox for PC: Go Through the Process to Access PlayBox from PC

Download Playbox for PC

Currently, apps are ruling the market of the mobiles and entertainment apps are a big part of it. And when come to the entertainment apps, PlayBox is the name that comes first. Now you will be excited to know that currently, PlayBox is available for PC. Thus your entertainment experience can be bigger and better now. Don’t lose the opportunity and download PlayBox for PC. Here in this article, we will discuss the download process of PlayBox app.

Playbox download for PC

Download Playbox for PC

PlayBox for PC: How To  Download The App

The installation process of PlayBox for PC is a simple one. Just you have to keep in mind that, it is an Android app and to download it on your PC, you need to have an Android emulator and Bluestacks is one of those, which you can trust. Along with it, you have to get the .apk files of PlayBox as this app is not present in Google Play Store. So here we start with the process:

  1. First, open your PC browser (Google Chrome or Safari for Mac) and type “Bluestacks Emulator” and search for it.
  2. Then go to the legal and safest site to download Bluestacks.
  3. Now start downloading Bluestacks and wait for some time.
  4. After downloading it, go to downloads section on your PC and start installing Bluestacks. The process will take 5-10 minutes.
  5. After installing Bluestacks emulator, open it, and you will be asked to log in to your Google account. The login process can take a few minutes
  6. Next, visit Google Chrome and search for “PlayBox APK download” and visit the website where you can download the latest APK version of Playbox HD.
  7. Thereafter, download the Playbox APK file in your PC storage.
  8. Now go to the path where the APK file is and install it.
  9. Finally, Open Bluestacks and the PlayBox for PC will be there for you.

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Final words

PlayBox is one of the best apps available to offer you the best entertainment experience. So just download PlayBox for PC and watch your favourite television shows and movies all in HD quality and absolutely free. This app provides all the latest movies and television series and no doubt it has a great collection. Please share your experience with us to let other know how the process is working for the PC.

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SnapTube on PC: How to Download The App on Your Windows PC?

Snaptube on PC

Snaptube is the best YouTube downloader for Android and iOS devices. With this app, you can download all the latest music videos, songs, and trailers. The best part is it is a free app, and though there are a number of such apps, it has multiple reasons too, to choose it over others. SnapTube on PC is now available, and in this article, we will discuss how to download it.

SnapTube Features

  1. With Snaptube app, you can download videos of 360p, 480p or even HD quality videos on your personal computer.
  2. Now you can get your favorite song directly in Mp3 file without using any extra plug ins.
  3. It also keeps you up to date with the new music trends as this site shows the latest and most searched videos in recent days.
  4. you can easily manage the downloading of the videos here. You can pause, resume and cancel your videos.
  5. This is an ad free app, so you will not even get annoyed with those.
download snaptube on PC

Download Snaptube for PC

Download SnapTube on PC: The Process in detail

it is an Android based app, but can be downloaded on your PC using any of the Android emulators: Andy, Bluestacks, Droid4x etc. You can download SnapTube for PC or Computer but before doing that go through my tutorial and just make sure that you are doing certain things which I will be mentioning below.

  • First get the Bluestacks Application by downloading it from the official website and do not opt for fake websites which might harm your PC.
  • As soon as the download of the Bluestacks is completed, install it by double-clicking on the installer file and remember for installing this application one must get an active and high-speed internet to the PC.
  • After the installation, run the software and setup the initial things which it will ask you to do.
  • Now go to the search bar and look for SnapTube.
  • Login now by using a Google account at the setup area. This is to gain access to Android ecosystem.
  • Next, launch it in BlueStacks, and open Google to get the ‘SnapTube .apk’ file.
  • Finally click on the SnapTube app on the display and it will start to download.
  • After downloading the application, follow the instructions by clicking on it. Within no time, you will find that you have installed the app and you can download your favorite videos onto your PC.

Final words

It is a fact that SnapTube is a great app for those who love to watch videos and listen to music, and the best part is SnapTube on PC is also now available. So why wait? Just download it and make your experience more enriched.

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What Do You Need To Know About Cartoon HD?

If you are one of those who do not have a great idea about Cartoon HD, then you have landed at the exact right place. This is the right article for you! Here, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Cartoon HD. So get ready for this! Here, we go!

This app is one of the most popular apps of current times. Cartoon HD App has been making waves in the app world and has soon become of the popular apps of recent times. But, do not by its name.

In spite of catering a major portion of its content to animation, it not only caters to kids. The app allows you to stream your favorite cartoons without any buffering, even if you have a regular internet speed. Besides, it also comes with an effective “Search Tool”. For the convenience of users, the films and TV shows have been classified into various categories and sub-categories. Its rich database is constantly updated, so that you get to enjoy the latest animation show and films. It has created a target audience of its own which comprises a pretty diverse field of users from all ages.

The best element of the app is the fact that it is completely free of cost. Neither it requires any subscription fees, nor does it need any hidden charges. But do not worry, since many of you might be thinking that since it comes free of cost, therefore, it must be cluttered with advertisements. It is not the case at all. It is ad free. Well,  if you need help for downloading and installing Cartoon HD APK for Android or PC, then you first should look at a couple of system requirements.

Cartoon HD app

Every Windows system (released after 2013) and any Mac system (released after 2013) will work fine with the app. However, make sure that your system has Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac OS X. You must have internet connection. You must have 1GB Graphic Card, which should be updated.

Your Computer has to have 4GB RAM and at least 5GB of free storage in C drive for Android emulator’s files and files of Cartoon HD which has to be installed.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial guide of how to download and install the app.

In the first step, you need to download Cartoon HD APK for PC in your system. You have to save the app in a folder which you can easily access.

In the second step, you need to download the BlueStacks Android emulator from their official website. This is because BlueStacks is undoubtedly one of the best Android emulators available in the market. It comes absolutely free of cost.

In the third step, you have to make sure that once the emulator gets downloaded, you must install it and run it in your system.

In the fourth step, you need to go back to the folder where you have kept the Cartoon HD APK. You then need to right click on the file and then select “Open With” BlueStacks app player.

In the fifth and final step, you will see that the .apk will get installed in BlueStacks.

Post this, you can began streaming your desired content. So, downloading the app is not that difficult as you might have thought of.

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Kindly keep it in mind, the app is not available at Google Play Store, you have to download and install Cartoon HD App on your PC through the steps mentioned above. It is largely due to animation being slowly getting its foothold set among the tastes of people of varies ages.


How to download SHAREit on MAC PC?


The Internet has become the fastest mode of communication. Nowadays people cannot think even a day without browsing. From days where letters were the mean of communication, to now, innovation occurred. Exploring new ideas is what the manpower does the best. Smartphones are hailed to be smart, not because it is smart in doing all kind of apps, but it also saves our time in a seamless manner. With smartphones come smart apps. Several apps have been launched too, in order to offer users to share file documents and other pictures as well. Don’t you remember those days when we used to trust the Bluetooth or Infra Red technology for transferring files? Yes, it used to take a lot of our precious time. And today, things are different.

SHAREit is one great app that allows a file transfer very seamlessly. Listed below are the steps to download SHAREit app ( on your Mac PC.


  1. STEP 1: First of all like Android emulator, users need to download the iOS emulator so that SHAREit can be run on the Mac devices. Users, first download the installer of Andy iOS emulator on your respective Mac PC. You must visit the website of the particular software, and must get and download the installer package. But, users must keep one thing in mind; that is the installer file will be coming in the DMG format.
  2. STEP 2: Now when the installer file is completing the downloading, users must double tap on file and should keep running the installation process. In order to do this, users please follow the instructions that would be popping on your screens. Then you will be asked to ‘drag’ and ‘drop’ that Andy application in the application folder of your PC.
  3. STEP 3: After completing all that’s there in step 2, you will be provided with more information that will come up on your screen. Users, you must read them very carefully. After doing so, please select the given agreement and ‘click’ on then go and click on ‘Next’ button. Within a couple of seconds, you will be reaching to finish mark. Now you will witness that the Andy app player is already installed on your respective Mac PC.
  4. STEP 4: Users, after the Andy app is installed, on your Mac PC you must run the emulator of Andy iOS and then go for sync, by syncing it with your respective Google Account. Users are instructed not to worry about anything as the steps are really easy, just make sure that you keep on following the instructions that’ll be coming on-screen.
  5. STEP 5: After following the instructions on your screen, users you are asked to visit the Google Play Store. There, search for “SHAREit App.”
  6. STEP 6: After searching for the SHAREit app you, on the app store will be provided with the file sharing app. Then you must tap on ‘Download’ option. On a further note, you must ‘Install’ the app. There you are! SHAREit for Mac PC has been successfully installed after completing all six steps.

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In conclusion, we can say SHAREit app is very useful in our day-to-day lives. But at the same time, this kind of apps can harm your device as it can give you virus threats. Before downloading be careful and safe!


ShowBox: Why is it a necessity in video streaming world?


ShowBox app: Today in the 21st century we have witnessed enormous growth in the field of digitalization. Ever since the revolution of technology has arrived, we have made the best possible ways to make an attempt of modifying ourselves with the improved hi-tech world. With the evolution of smartphones there arrived smart apps. And these smart apps have made their ways in convincing our day-to-day lives with greater possibilities. Various apps have been introduced which saves our time in sharing data between devices, while there are some other applications which give finest services to users in the field of video streaming.  ShowBox is an application that provides one of the finest video streaming services. In this article, we shall discuss system requirement and steps of downloading ShowBox in the Windows or Mac PCs. For users who want to know how to download ShowBox apk file on your Windows or Mac PCs, read on to know the steps below.

ShowBox System Requirements:

For enabling ShowBox in your Windows PC here are the system requirements you have to follow:

  • Internal Storage- 500 GB (disk space)
  • RAM- 2 GB is required
  • Operating System- Either of these; Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Internet Connection- Yes
  • Processor- Pentium 1.6GHz CPU
  • Others- Mouse as well as Keyboard.


Showbox: How to download ShowBox for PC

ShowBox is one video streaming application which is absolutely free of cost. With thousands of TV shows and movies in different categories and genres, the app makes the best possible attempt in giving the finest video streaming services to its customers. Even if the users are not online, this app allows them to access.

For ShowBox to run on your PCs, users need to install an Android emulator. Android emulator is software mimicking Android on the Windows PCs of the users. It hacks the Showbox app; thereby making it think that it is running in an Android environment; by which it can be accessed easily via PC. Here we are going to narrate about BlueStacks Android emulator which is recommended as the finest in giving an Android-like environment for the apk app files. Mentioned below is a list of steps by which users can download the apk file of the Showbox app. Follow the steps carefully.

STEP 1: You must go to the official website of BlueStacks and download it on your PC.

STEP 2: Install BlueStacks on your desktop or laptop. You need to double tap on the file of BlueStacks which you had downloaded previously.

STEP 3: From the internet download ShowBox apk file after you have successfully installed BlueStacks.

STEP 4: Visit the directory where the apk file of ShowBox has been saved. You need to open it with BlueStacks.

STEP 5: You need to open BlueStacks now and then tap on the ‘all apps’ button

STEP 6: In the ‘all apps’ button you will discover the icon of ShowBox app. Tap on the icon to launch the ShowBox app. Now that you have successfully installed ShowBox apk with BlueStacks enjoy the services by watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

Wrap Up: Now if we say ShowBox give you the best video streaming service, it would definitely be an understatement. ShowBox is an app that brings you with HD quality videos. Enjoy the service and be a part of the ShowBox world.

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SnapTube App Highlights, Features and More


We all must have heard about download manager in our time once in a while. But what about something similar in your hands on your phone with only one click away. SnapTube is an Android application that permits you to download YouTube videos to your own mobile device as MP3 audio format or as MP4 videos. But as the application is not registered in the Google Play Store, you need to download the SnapTube Apk file first.


Let’s have a look at the technical specifications:

Published by: SnapTube
Web Site:
Released on: 24 Aug 2016
Added on: 25 Aug 2016
Version Update:
Category: Internet Software
Subcategory: Download Manager
Operating Systems
OS: Android
Additional Requirements: None
Download Information
File Size: 6.16MB
File Name: SnapTube_tube_cnet_as.apk
Total Downloads: 246,691
License Model: Free
Limitations: Not Available

Well the tech specs look good so, how about to discuss some entailing features of the SnapTube application:

Encoding Process/ Plug-in: There is no extra encoding process or plug-in required to operate the SnapTube. You can easily save some space with a small file size and listen to your favorite music video anytime you want.

Ease of Use: Don’t you: Don’t you always remember those lyrics rather than the name of the song or any video... So now you can search a video with desired keywords on SnapTube. Effortlessly find the exact video you want and the download begins in the flicker of light speed.

Download Features: “SnapTube ready” feature and SnapTube's killer music download” feature. They very much make your work painless to download with whatever you want and however you want.

Trending latest videos: You can even delve into YouTube videos in your favorite categories like Music or Movies. And curators of the application are always there with recommended lists to discover new videos around the globe.

Quality/ Quantity: Yes! Never compromise on these two features. We always need the best quality as well as more and more of quantity. So, the SnapTube Application here provides you many options to choose from with respect to formats of MP3 audio and MP4 videos. The quality resolution of videos ranges from the small size of 360 pixels or the high-definition of 1080 pixels.

Final Verdict

 The SnapTube application does really well in downloading function as well as video streaming. For all music lovers it can be a great thing and we look forward to future updates. Good music recommendation is a thing we can look forward in the upcoming updates. Though the app currently is a nice and subtle start-up, we hope it holds on to its strong features to survive with any other competitive android applications. For the love of music we know you are eager to download this app and update your music list and for that you are going to love this application. Also don’t forget to update regularly so that you can keep enjoying. You already have everything ready for installation; it is free and comes in Castilian, so navigating the application will be very simple.

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