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Best New Year 2017 Travel Destination (Updated)

New Year celebration is a memorable festival of our life. It comes once in a year but last its fragrance up to the next year. Do you ever think that what is the best place to celebrate New Year? Every country celebrates this day on its own way. But the question is which one you want to select when the clock strike 12 on December 31st. Here I want to give all the information about those countries where this day observes with great arrangement. Many countries arrange so many stunning fireworks, beach party, cultural program and other activities for all common people. Check the list and choose your favourite destination for this Happy New Year 2017.

best new year destination


For New Year celebration the most attractive and stunning place is New York City. No one can deny the fact. Millions of people gather in Times Square to see the huge arrangement of New Year celebration. Here you can see the 12 feet wide crystal ball dropping from the top and famous band and musicians to perform. Though everyone cannot afford this but if your pocket permits you should go and feel the atmosphere.


Sydney also arranges heart touching New Year Eve celebration. It is the first major city where the clock strikes midnight. The main place of celebration is Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Here you can see the most beautiful fireworks on the waterfront. Approximate one million people attend this celebration.


You may have seen lot of new year images regarding the celebration RIO DE JANEIRO, it actually looks like heaven during the festival. We all know that Rio De Janeiro is famous for its carnival activities. It is surrounds by so many beaches and Copacabana Beach is the best among them. Here Brazilian people host world’s largest New Year Eve party. Here you will see the traditional rituals and custom of Brazil. Over two million people come here to cover this event.


Celebration in London is also a spectacular thing. It is the old city we all know. Here the main celebration starts when the clock struck 12 at Beg Ben. The London Bridge and other bridge decorate with light and various fireworks. More than 2.50 lacks people gather to watch this show.


Hong Kong is the most amazing place where we can see amazing New Year celebration. This place is within Asia. The main center of this celebration occurs in Victoria Harbour. Here also you get awesome fireworks. The evening activity is really nice here.

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Showbox: A Perfect Replacement of Torrent


Well, getting rid of Torrents wasn’t really an option because half the torrent sites are already gone! However, if you are wondering where to go to next to download movies and TV shows, we have your back. Anyway Torrents is a rather illegal way to get to see TV shows and movies, but Showbox on the other hand helps you have all the latest releases (sooner or later) for free, without having to go for paid subscriptions. Content you get in here is definitely satisfactory and you’d not miss out on shows and movies anymore! All you need to do is download the Showbox apk file on your tablet, smartphone or PC and then you can just Showbox and chill! Let us have a look at what the latest update of the Showbox application has to offer.


  • All the news right here: Not that’s something new and sure different! With Showbox, rest assured about not missing out on any news related to the movies and TV shows. The app shall keep you updated about all the latest developments ranging from the teasers or trailers to of course, all the inside stories! And that sure is super cool!
  • Latest releases: Now torrents was our go to place, but it of course did have its own con, and that is the quality constraints. There is however, no assurity about the kind of quality we’d get after downloading a torrent file, and well, you never know if it turns out to be nothing but a camera recorded video. However, as far as Showbox is concerned, we need not worry about the quality, for they’d get you highest possible quality for the movies and TV shows!
  • Movies and TV shows: Showbox is pretty much the alternative after the disappearance of Showbox. You therefore need not worry about latest releases for Showbox has you backed up for all that you’d wish to have.
  • Streaming: Yet another of the advantage that this app has over any other is that just in case you’d not want to download the videos, you can simply stream them online and watch them up! So no more storage issues! Simply download and have your viewing sorted!
  • Available for free: Yet another of the best part in here is the fact that the videos are available for free and you have to pay for nothing! Watch as much and as many times you want (If online) or simply download as much as you’d want to!

So there you go! Bless us later!

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Veterans Day Sales and Deal — All Information

Veterans Day is an important day to all military personals in United States. Veterans Day is observed on 11th in the month of November. During this time many companies, brands, restaurants salon give exciting offer to show honor for Veterans. Veterans Day sales give us great opportunities to save. But there are some extra discounts for veterans and active military members. Here is the all time best Happy Veterans Day 2016 Offer.


Veterans Day Offer Guide on Clothing, Home Decor and Food & beverage

Amazon offers a great deal on Veterans Day. They also give minimum 20% discount on selective item. Why wait?? Just check it out.

Lord & Taylor

You can purchase your essential commodities from Lord & Taylor. They give 20% off on their clearance items, 15% discount on home decor and 10% discount on small electrics goods.

Old Navy

Old Navy offers up to 60% discount on everything. Hurry up guys!!

Disney Store gives 25% off on entire purchase and they also offers free shipping on purchases of $75 or more.

JC Penny

You will give 30% to 50% off on Veterans Day home sale at JC Penny. Offer valid through V Day. Promo code is not necessary for this offer.

Golden Corral

Golden Corral restaurant offers “Thank You” dinner for all Military Personals. If you are interested then you can take the free sit offer on Monday, November 14th.

Hooters Free Meal

All veterans including current servicemen and women are invited on Hooters. They provide Hooters Free meal on Veterans Day. So Veterans can check this offer. You have brought your military service ID proof with you. Then you can enjoy meal from Hooters selective menu.

Menchie’s Free Frozen Yogurt

You are a veteran and you like frozen yogurt?? Then this offer is only for you dear. Menchie’s offers you a free frozen yogurt of six ounce on Veterans Day. You have to show your valid Id proof or be in uniform to grab this offer.

Mimi’s Café

Mimi’s Café offers a non alcoholic drink to all Veterans and Active Military servicemen on Veterans Day. They will also get free entrée and some  free item on that day.

Great Clips Free Haircut

You will get a free hair cut offer if you visit any branch of Great Clips Salon on Veterans Day. The offer is for all active, retired military person of any branch. They even give the offer for National Guard.

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7 Exciting Features of GarageBand


GarageBand is a Digital Audio Workstation developed by Apple for its devices running on OSX and iOS. This is a great music editing and mixing tool for musicians and podcasters. It got many virtual instruments, mixing and editing tools, recording, Music lessons, and much more which helps for many starters and experienced people to create their music. GarageBand is mostly available for free for new Mac users, or they can buy from Mac store. It is available either buy for $50 with the iLife suite which had iTunes, iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand or can buy GarageBand 11 alone for $15.


7 Exciting Features of GarageBand

User Interface:

Apple always comes with the best interface and GarageBand is also having an excellent easy to use interface. Unlike the most music softwares where you need to tweak everything to get to know more about it and confusing several times, in GarageBand, you will easily getto know all the options. When you open the app, it will give you the option to create a new project with instruments or thetype of work to choose from.


Recording in GarageBand is very simple you can play your track on the application and click on the record button. Then start narrating or singing from your mic. It record at 24 bits with a mic and you can also play multiple tracks in the background.

iPad Control:

One good feature in GarageBand is you can install an app called Logic Remote on your iPad and control the GarageBand directly from the iPad. This will be a lot useful for those who do not like to work with a mouse and feel the application. It would be more productive to use on an iPad than with a keyboard or mouse.


GarageBand had a lot of Virtual instruments and variations of those instruments. It had Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Acoustic instruments and a ton of variations of those. There are in-app purchases where users can get more instruments, lessons, and other editing features.

Audio Editing:

In GarageBand users can add music files directly from iTunes and can trim, cut and copy any section of an audio file and add another audio file to it. Users can also add multiple tracks to create an altogether new music.


GarageBand had developed greatly over time and mixing in in garage band had also improved. Users can add up to 255 tracks to a project that of audio files, instrument loops, effects, or music styles.


GarageBand comes with many videos on how to use and create great music and lessons about music. Users can get more lessons when they buy a 5$ or 50$ expansion pack like up to 180 lessons and many other effects, loops, instruments along with those packs

These are seven most prominent features in GarageBand and much more to explore. GarageBand is a popular software amongmusiciansin particular for starters.

What is your most loved feature in GarageBand and why do you like it? Or do you like any other feature to be added to the list? Please use our Comment section below to reply us.

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Some of the 5 Facetime Features Which Make It Awesome


Apple apps are received well in the market. Facetime for PC is no different. The social media app based on video calling and chatting is doing rounds since its release and is growing stronger every year. Such is the popularity that today you can find users all over the world making use of this feature. The open standard app which can be used by several platforms and other manufacturers is able to leverage Facetime protocol.


Some of the devices on which you can make use of Facetime are iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch, and Mac. The good thing about this is that, Apple has priced it at only 0.99 cents. This is a good sign which encourages all Apple users to make use of this software to make video chat, even though they can only talk to other Mac devices with it.

In this article, we will read about 5 Facetime features which make it awesome.

Facetime video chatting

FaceTime video chatting is a very popular and handy feature in iOS. It can keep up with your family throughout the world. The audio function is one of the most powerful features and it is able to work as video. However, you can make the call minutes on your mobile phone tariff. You can also turn your iPod touch into a mini iPhone.

What is Facetime audio?

The Facetime audio is another powerful feature which helps your iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod touch to make voice calls using WiFi over 3G/4G. It is known as VoIP (Voice over IP). The Facetime has to be enabled on your device and connected to the Internet. You do not need a person’s phone number because it can make use of an email address which has been turned on.

The quality of your call is powerful thanks due to AAC-ELD codec. That enables the HD audio to make calls at low bit-rates and with minimal latency. The voice sound richer when you are using Facetime audio when compared to a regular phone signal. When you have iPod Touch (5th generation) you can make voice calls over WiFi using the device.


The popular feature of Facetime is the picture which is present in the picture view. Using this feature you can find out exactly what your partner who is conversing with you is seeing. The cameras in the front and the rear can be used to view. The transition between landscape and portrait view can be performed.

There is no doubt that Facetime works extremely good when users have powerful Wi-Fi connections and network conditions are good. Though it is not perfect the technology progresses and more devices support the standard that it can change mobile communication dramatically.

Hope you found this article on some of the Facetime features helpful and will want to use it.

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Top 6 Best Alternatives of KIK Messenger

Kik Messenger Alternatives

There are many social networking apps in this modern. KIK messenger is one of the crowns. But sometimes users get bored using Kik messenger every time. That’s why they may need a change. That’s we need some best alternatives of KIK app, and thankfully we have some really good options here.

6 Best Alternatives of KIK Messenger

WhatsApp: The first one is WhatsApp. Everyone uses it on their smartphone and we don’t need to introduce it further. This world famous messenger got the features of VoIP calling before a few months. The recent “end to end encryption” feature has taken it to the class of the product of Apple. Users can send contacts, location and documents using this superfast messenger. Though you can’t get all the taste of Kik messenger in it, you can consider it as one of the available alternatives of Kik messenger.

WeChat: We Chat is the premier chatting app in China and now-a-days it has covered almost all South Asia. Within few years it may cross the number of users of WhatsApp. It has all the standard features like stickers, voice calling and video calling also. Have some faith on this Chinese creation and we can assure you it will not disappoint you at all. However, the options of having Kik online, gives this app an extra edge over its alternatives for sure.

Hike: It’s an Indian initiative. It’s famous for its desi stickers with Indian regional languages. It provides free SMS if you use Hike daily, you can save penny in sending traditional SMS also. Hike has come up with some new updates like changing the background for each person and group as the latest update rolls out.

skype: If we consider the video calling then there is no match of Skype. It’s considered as the father figure of video calling software. You need to just add the friends using the mails they are registered with. With a single tap, connect with the person who is thousand miles away.

Viber: It’s a new messaging service and not all of them are aware of it I guess though within very few years it comes up as the top dog of the world instant messaging platform. Just using the phone no you have in your phone you can register here and simply keep apart the needs of having user name and password.

LINE: The Japanese are not far behind. LINE is the product of a Japanese company named LINE Corporation. The only feature that differentiate LINE from the other messaging service is that the celebrities’ sticker like here in India, we have stickers of Katrina Kaif and moreover there are some contest like sending a sticker to a group for seven days and if you do this successfully without any fail, a certain amount will be credited to your phone number as balance.

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