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iOS 11 Set to Feature Dark Mode, Virtual Reality and Better Siri

Much before the advent of the New year we have been receiving news and updates regarding the electronic gadgets thatare going to make an appearance n the market in course of the year 2017. And once the New Year has set in, more and more news has flowed in every now and then revealing some news or the other about the upcoming smartphones and accessories. Among those ones that are bound to grab the attention of all the tech enthusiasts across the world are the one dealing with the Apple iOS 11 operating system.

Apple is popular among the fans for all the upgrades that it brings every passing year. And it is expected that the Apple iOS 11 operating system is going to be an incredible one. Across the world, everyone is expecting yet another sensational release from Apple as far as the operating system of the iPhones and other gadgets is concerned.

It is believed that considerable development is going to be made in a number of segments. Dark Mode is one of the features that are going to be the highlight of the iOS 11. Experts have revealed that the Dark Mode is going to be one of the eye-catching features that Apple is going to roll out with the release of the latest software update. Once the Dark Mode is switched on in an Apple device, the gadget will get easily noticeable even in the extreme darkness. Often users find it difficult to adjust to the brightness of the smartphone while using the smartphone or a tablet in darkness. So with the new Dark Mode, this problem is set to get fixed which sounds incredible anyone who is thinking of getting hold of a new apple iPhone.

Not only that it is beloved that iOS 11 is going to bring virtual reality in the smartphones that will support the latest software. Virtual reality is one of the in-things at the moment in the world of technology. So it is definitely not going to be a surprise if Apple comes up with the virtual reality technology in their latest software update. Also, the Android operating system already comes with a support for the virtual reality. So to keep up with the developments made by Android developer, the virtual reality could well be one of the trump cards that Apple might use.

Along with the virtual reality and the Dark Mode, Apple iPhone 8 is all set to develop Siri. Siri is already one of the highlighting features of the iOS platform. A development in that section is bound to make it all the more incredible. Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly set to sport Bixby as one of its features. So, further development in the Siri is surely not going to come as too much of a surprise for all those who have kept an eye on all the developments regarding the upcoming software from Apple.

However, we are not yet sure when Apple is going to roll out the iOS 11 software update. But an announcement is expected to be made during the WWDC which is scheduled to be held in the month of June this year.


Christmas Decoration Ideas


Merry Christmas 2016 : Holiday is very special time for spending time with your family and friends. Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate this opportunity. And no celebration can be completed without people, party and food. Until you decorate the place or things it does not look like festive so decoration is very important part of every celebration and Christmas is not an exceptional. You can see different and gorgeous Christmas decoration in every house and its look very pretty. If you want to try then it is the best time for that and decorations help us to celebrate holiday in proper way.


Christmas Trees

On Christmas this things means a lot. Everybody buy Christmas tree for this day as it is very important part of decoration. Christmas decoration cannot be completed without Christmas tree. So you should buy a tree and decorate this tree with various ornaments. You can give a wintry look as it is very much similar to the season. Choice is yours always.

Winter Decore

Try to give your window a new and festive look. It will add a special effect to your celebration. You can hang a flower garland or unique wreath with rich and beautiful greenery on your window. You and your guest will also feel energetic and festive to see this.


Decoration and without light is nearly impossible. To give a festive look light is always the best way. We need lights in every step of decoration. From indoor to outdoor decoration light is equally important to us. When we see sparkle light from somewhere we understand that there must be something happening. So you can lit your Christmas with several lights it will also bring joy and happiness.


If you want to give a lush green look to your house then I would suggest you to use garland of green leaves. You can hang this garland on the door head and stairway. It will look really beautiful friends, try this on Christmas.

Mantel decoration

When it comes to decoration we should decorate the mantle place. We always forget to design the most common places like mantle. You design this place so easily with some little effort. You can put here a colored pinecone along with some other stuff. This little thing can make the place beautiful.


Top 5 Most Expensive Cats in the World


Cats are now in the list of most popular animal among pets. Many people have a strong love and affection on cat’s community around the world. Naturally they have a keen interest on the luxurious and expensive breeds of cat. As you know the price of the cat varies on their rarity and purity. We are familiar to hear this thing for the dongs only, like super expensive dogs. Here is the 5 most expensive cats breed in the world. Cat Day 2016 is only few days away, so check out the list if you are looking forward to give an expensive gift to a cat lover.


  1. Persian Cat ($1000 to $6000)

Persian is one the old, pure and elegant breed among cats. The origins of these cats are from Persia which is known as Iran Now a days. They were first imported in United Kingdom in the late 19th century. These cats were come to the limelight as this breed was Queen Victoria’s favorite. It is a medium in size and has Round face.  Thick shiny long hair covered all the body with a fine texture, small ears, round eyes and firm paws complete the Persian look. They are available in infinite variety of colors and patterns-like white, blue, black, red, cream, chocolate and lilac. If you like to have this one then you have to spent 1000$ to 6000$ for each.

  1. Peterbald Cat ( $7000 )

Origin of Peterblad Cats are from St. Petersburg, Russia. Basically it is the breed of short hair. But it has hair loosing gene. Because of these they are almost hairless. You need to take extra care if you want to buy this. These are affectionate, peace-full, energetic and athletic in nature. Peterblads are available in 5 types. They generally come in all color. The remarkable thing is the striking blue eyes of it. This cost of this cat is 7000$ approx.

  1. The Bengal ($10,000)

It’s a domestic breed of cross. The Bengal breeds are most attractive and extremely beautiful in looking.  Actual origin is leopard. This is the cross breed of Asian leopard cat with domestic cat. Eyes of Bengal cats are relatively large and it is usually green and blue. Bright orange to light brown color gives it a wild look. Though now it has not that wild temperament inside it. There also exists pale or off-white "snow" Bengals. This breed is popular among owners. It will cost 10,000$.

  1. Savannah Cat ($25,000)

This is also a domestic breed. Savannah is cross between a domestic cat and large eared African cat, serval. This is an unusual cross. Savannah is medium in sized. The cats are very loyal in nature and they can be trained like dog. Savannah is comparatively bigger than Bengal Cat. This cat has a wild look and this breed is quite popular. If you like to buy this one then you have to pay 25,000$ for it.

  1. Ashera Cat ( up to $60,000)

The Ashera is the most expensive cat breed in the world. Actually it’s a marketing gimmick coz it’s actually just a savanna cat. This hybrid cat is cross between Asian Leopard Cat, African Serval and normal Domestic House Cat. Ashera is loyal, very intelligent and affectionate in nature. This is the rarest cat in the world. It is priced at $28,000 upto $60,000.

Which cat do you like to have? Remember some can be available in the animal rescue shelter for free.  If you willing to give them a good home then think about it once. After all they are all just cats