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LG V30 may not launch on time-know why here

lg v30

The Korean giant LG will look to continue its triumphant run with the V series of flagship smartphones. With the V20 being lauded in all quarters, the next-generation V30 will consolidate it market to an even greater extent. Reports have now emerged that the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, known in tech jargon as a SoC, will power the new LG V30. The new chip is several times more powerful than its previous iterations. The 835 Soc was first displayed in full public view at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas only a few weeks ago.

lg v30

The new LG V30 also has one unique feature which will continue to wow audio buffs and even common users. It will feature an ESS-designed 32-bit quad-DAC system which will improve the audio system exponentially. This new feature, in conjunction with the Bang and Olufsen headphones. will make the new LG V30 one to watch out for. The new LG V30 is expected to arrive soon. The Korean giant has sought to change its perception from being a white goods manufacturer to one which manufactures a specialised device like a smartphone. the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is ample testimony to the fact that LG is dead serious in creating a splash in the high-end smartphone market with the LG V30.

The other features of the new LG V30 are also very interesting.  Unlike the preceding LG V20, the LG V30 will ditch the secondary display which had endeared the V20 to many users. The reason for the decision is not known, also it must be mentioned here that this snippet of news is more rumour than verifiable fact. The new LG V30 is also a competent phone with a  6GB RAM which is coupled with decent, if not overly impressive, internal storage options.The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, although an excellent choice, may prove to be the chink in the armour for the new smartphone as Samsung, the other Korean giant, has exclusive rights over the entire SoC supply until the month of March. This means that only the new Samsung Galaxy S8 devices will come equipped with the new SD 835 processors, although LG too may look to power some of its own V-series devices with underclocked variants of the same chipset.

This is precisely the reason why we believe that the new LG V30 may be delayed. Considering the fact that the average lifecycle of the V-series smartphone is one year, we were well within our rights in estimating a September or October 2017 release. However, with the fate of the new chipset hanging in the balance, this might well get delayed by some time. Interestingly, yesterday Samsung announced that it would soon launch the Exynos 9 series processors. Whether or not it will power the new Galaxy S8 is something only time will tell. The new LG V30 would do good if it followed the example set by Xiaomi, with its indigenous Pinecone processor or even Apple with its own Fusion Chip or the A10. The LG v30 is compatible with all the best selfie sticks.

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LG G6 Smartphone Slated To Amalgamate Impeccable design with Killer Specs.


The upcoming year is already on the verge of seeing the best possible smartphones rolled out by the big tech companies sporting the latest specifications and a state-of the-art design. Consumer electronics manufacturer LG has been in the news consistently owing to their much hyped about flagship device, the LG G6 which is due to surface sometime later this year.


Pegged to be a forerunner alongside the Galaxies and iPhones post its launch, LG is striving to incorporate the best possible specs within the device offering the newest and most advanced technology inside the smartphone. Concrete details pertaining to the LG G6 have been limited with people merely speculating about what the upcoming smartphone is poised to feature. And there is little chance that LG would disappoint. iPhone 8 will give a tough fight to LG G6.

LG’s long term plans surrounding OLED is finally poised to materialized as the LG G6 is expected to be rolled out with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display sporting a mammoth 4K resolution, the best in the market today. The premium smartphone’s display will be protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 technology protecting it from all sorts of external damage. LG has already labeled their device revolutionary and it might just be on so many levels. Rumours were also strife earlier that the secondary display on LG’s V smartphone line-up will be incorporated in the G6. However, owing to the negative responses regarding the specification, the speculations died out quite fast.

Apart from the OLED technology, the upcoming LG G6 smartphone is expected to feature 100% screen-to-body ratio completely eliminating bezels on the front panel of the device. The home-button embedded fingerprint scanner is slated to be replaced by one on the multi-touch screen. Also, a second fingerprint scanner will be present on the rear panel of the device. LG’s attention to detail and design for the LG G6 goes further in depth as the new device is touted to feature a glass and metal body making it slightly slimmer though all the more delicate.

The upcoming smartphone is also expected to feature Qualcomm’s latest 10nm technology incorporating the Snapdragon 835 processor inside the smartphone. The new processor from the chipset manufacturer guarantees a 20 percent ramp up in speed and performance at the minimum also offering Qualcomm’s Quickcharge 4.0 battery retaining capacity which is twice as efficient and optimum as Quickcharge 3.0 making the new processor miles more powerful than its earlier variant.

Much information pertaining to the G6 has been withheld by the company and we can only be sure once LG decides to make further information regarding the device public. The LG G6 is expected to surface at least for once in the forthcoming MWC event in February later this year. There have been certain reports pointing at a an August 2017 release for the LG G6 post the WWDC conference in June. Pegged to be one of the major contenders for the number flagship olf 2017, this revolutionary upcoming device from LG is expected to do wonders.

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iOS 11 Set to Feature Dark Mode, Virtual Reality and Better Siri

Much before the advent of the New year we have been receiving news and updates regarding the electronic gadgets thatare going to make an appearance n the market in course of the year 2017. And once the New Year has set in, more and more news has flowed in every now and then revealing some news or the other about the upcoming smartphones and accessories. Among those ones that are bound to grab the attention of all the tech enthusiasts across the world are the one dealing with the Apple iOS 11 operating system.

Apple is popular among the fans for all the upgrades that it brings every passing year. And it is expected that the Apple iOS 11 operating system is going to be an incredible one. Across the world, everyone is expecting yet another sensational release from Apple as far as the operating system of the iPhones and other gadgets is concerned.

It is believed that considerable development is going to be made in a number of segments. Dark Mode is one of the features that are going to be the highlight of the iOS 11. Experts have revealed that the Dark Mode is going to be one of the eye-catching features that Apple is going to roll out with the release of the latest software update. Once the Dark Mode is switched on in an Apple device, the gadget will get easily noticeable even in the extreme darkness. Often users find it difficult to adjust to the brightness of the smartphone while using the smartphone or a tablet in darkness. So with the new Dark Mode, this problem is set to get fixed which sounds incredible anyone who is thinking of getting hold of a new apple iPhone.

Not only that it is beloved that iOS 11 is going to bring virtual reality in the smartphones that will support the latest software. Virtual reality is one of the in-things at the moment in the world of technology. So it is definitely not going to be a surprise if Apple comes up with the virtual reality technology in their latest software update. Also, the Android operating system already comes with a support for the virtual reality. So to keep up with the developments made by Android developer, the virtual reality could well be one of the trump cards that Apple might use.

Along with the virtual reality and the Dark Mode, Apple iPhone 8 is all set to develop Siri. Siri is already one of the highlighting features of the iOS platform. A development in that section is bound to make it all the more incredible. Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly set to sport Bixby as one of its features. So, further development in the Siri is surely not going to come as too much of a surprise for all those who have kept an eye on all the developments regarding the upcoming software from Apple.

However, we are not yet sure when Apple is going to roll out the iOS 11 software update. But an announcement is expected to be made during the WWDC which is scheduled to be held in the month of June this year.


Christmas Decoration Ideas


Merry Christmas 2016 : Holiday is very special time for spending time with your family and friends. Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate this opportunity. And no celebration can be completed without people, party and food. Until you decorate the place or things it does not look like festive so decoration is very important part of every celebration and Christmas is not an exceptional. You can see different and gorgeous Christmas decoration in every house and its look very pretty. If you want to try then it is the best time for that and decorations help us to celebrate holiday in proper way.


Christmas Trees

On Christmas this things means a lot. Everybody buy Christmas tree for this day as it is very important part of decoration. Christmas decoration cannot be completed without Christmas tree. So you should buy a tree and decorate this tree with various ornaments. You can give a wintry look as it is very much similar to the season. Choice is yours always.

Winter Decore

Try to give your window a new and festive look. It will add a special effect to your celebration. You can hang a flower garland or unique wreath with rich and beautiful greenery on your window. You and your guest will also feel energetic and festive to see this.


Decoration and without light is nearly impossible. To give a festive look light is always the best way. We need lights in every step of decoration. From indoor to outdoor decoration light is equally important to us. When we see sparkle light from somewhere we understand that there must be something happening. So you can lit your Christmas with several lights it will also bring joy and happiness.


If you want to give a lush green look to your house then I would suggest you to use garland of green leaves. You can hang this garland on the door head and stairway. It will look really beautiful friends, try this on Christmas.

Mantel decoration

When it comes to decoration we should decorate the mantle place. We always forget to design the most common places like mantle. You design this place so easily with some little effort. You can put here a colored pinecone along with some other stuff. This little thing can make the place beautiful.


SnapTube App Highlights, Features and More


We all must have heard about download manager in our time once in a while. But what about something similar in your hands on your phone with only one click away. SnapTube is an Android application that permits you to download YouTube videos to your own mobile device as MP3 audio format or as MP4 videos. But as the application is not registered in the Google Play Store, you need to download the SnapTube Apk file first.


Let’s have a look at the technical specifications:

Published by: SnapTube
Web Site:
Released on: 24 Aug 2016
Added on: 25 Aug 2016
Version Update:
Category: Internet Software
Subcategory: Download Manager
Operating Systems
OS: Android
Additional Requirements: None
Download Information
File Size: 6.16MB
File Name: SnapTube_tube_cnet_as.apk
Total Downloads: 246,691
License Model: Free
Limitations: Not Available

Well the tech specs look good so, how about to discuss some entailing features of the SnapTube application:

Encoding Process/ Plug-in: There is no extra encoding process or plug-in required to operate the SnapTube. You can easily save some space with a small file size and listen to your favorite music video anytime you want.

Ease of Use: Don’t you: Don’t you always remember those lyrics rather than the name of the song or any video... So now you can search a video with desired keywords on SnapTube. Effortlessly find the exact video you want and the download begins in the flicker of light speed.

Download Features: “SnapTube ready” feature and SnapTube's killer music download” feature. They very much make your work painless to download with whatever you want and however you want.

Trending latest videos: You can even delve into YouTube videos in your favorite categories like Music or Movies. And curators of the application are always there with recommended lists to discover new videos around the globe.

Quality/ Quantity: Yes! Never compromise on these two features. We always need the best quality as well as more and more of quantity. So, the SnapTube Application here provides you many options to choose from with respect to formats of MP3 audio and MP4 videos. The quality resolution of videos ranges from the small size of 360 pixels or the high-definition of 1080 pixels.

Final Verdict

 The SnapTube application does really well in downloading function as well as video streaming. For all music lovers it can be a great thing and we look forward to future updates. Good music recommendation is a thing we can look forward in the upcoming updates. Though the app currently is a nice and subtle start-up, we hope it holds on to its strong features to survive with any other competitive android applications. For the love of music we know you are eager to download this app and update your music list and for that you are going to love this application. Also don’t forget to update regularly so that you can keep enjoying. You already have everything ready for installation; it is free and comes in Castilian, so navigating the application will be very simple.

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Best New Year 2017 Travel Destination (Updated)

New Year celebration is a memorable festival of our life. It comes once in a year but last its fragrance up to the next year. Do you ever think that what is the best place to celebrate New Year? Every country celebrates this day on its own way. But the question is which one you want to select when the clock strike 12 on December 31st. Here I want to give all the information about those countries where this day observes with great arrangement. Many countries arrange so many stunning fireworks, beach party, cultural program and other activities for all common people. Check the list and choose your favourite destination for this Happy New Year 2017.

best new year destination


For New Year celebration the most attractive and stunning place is New York City. No one can deny the fact. Millions of people gather in Times Square to see the huge arrangement of New Year celebration. Here you can see the 12 feet wide crystal ball dropping from the top and famous band and musicians to perform. Though everyone cannot afford this but if your pocket permits you should go and feel the atmosphere.


Sydney also arranges heart touching New Year Eve celebration. It is the first major city where the clock strikes midnight. The main place of celebration is Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Here you can see the most beautiful fireworks on the waterfront. Approximate one million people attend this celebration.


You may have seen lot of new year images regarding the celebration RIO DE JANEIRO, it actually looks like heaven during the festival. We all know that Rio De Janeiro is famous for its carnival activities. It is surrounds by so many beaches and Copacabana Beach is the best among them. Here Brazilian people host world’s largest New Year Eve party. Here you will see the traditional rituals and custom of Brazil. Over two million people come here to cover this event.


Celebration in London is also a spectacular thing. It is the old city we all know. Here the main celebration starts when the clock struck 12 at Beg Ben. The London Bridge and other bridge decorate with light and various fireworks. More than 2.50 lacks people gather to watch this show.


Hong Kong is the most amazing place where we can see amazing New Year celebration. This place is within Asia. The main center of this celebration occurs in Victoria Harbour. Here also you get awesome fireworks. The evening activity is really nice here.

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Showbox: A Perfect Replacement of Torrent


Well, getting rid of Torrents wasn’t really an option because half the torrent sites are already gone! However, if you are wondering where to go to next to download movies and TV shows, we have your back. Anyway Torrents is a rather illegal way to get to see TV shows and movies, but Showbox on the other hand helps you have all the latest releases (sooner or later) for free, without having to go for paid subscriptions. Content you get in here is definitely satisfactory and you’d not miss out on shows and movies anymore! All you need to do is download the Showbox apk file on your tablet, smartphone or PC and then you can just Showbox and chill! Let us have a look at what the latest update of the Showbox application has to offer.


  • All the news right here: Not that’s something new and sure different! With Showbox, rest assured about not missing out on any news related to the movies and TV shows. The app shall keep you updated about all the latest developments ranging from the teasers or trailers to of course, all the inside stories! And that sure is super cool!
  • Latest releases: Now torrents was our go to place, but it of course did have its own con, and that is the quality constraints. There is however, no assurity about the kind of quality we’d get after downloading a torrent file, and well, you never know if it turns out to be nothing but a camera recorded video. However, as far as Showbox is concerned, we need not worry about the quality, for they’d get you highest possible quality for the movies and TV shows!
  • Movies and TV shows: Showbox is pretty much the alternative after the disappearance of Showbox. You therefore need not worry about latest releases for Showbox has you backed up for all that you’d wish to have.
  • Streaming: Yet another of the advantage that this app has over any other is that just in case you’d not want to download the videos, you can simply stream them online and watch them up! So no more storage issues! Simply download and have your viewing sorted!
  • Available for free: Yet another of the best part in here is the fact that the videos are available for free and you have to pay for nothing! Watch as much and as many times you want (If online) or simply download as much as you’d want to!

So there you go! Bless us later!

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Veterans Day Sales and Deal — All Information

Veterans Day is an important day to all military personals in United States. Veterans Day is observed on 11th in the month of November. During this time many companies, brands, restaurants salon give exciting offer to show honor for Veterans. Veterans Day sales give us great opportunities to save. But there are some extra discounts for veterans and active military members. Here is the all time best Happy Veterans Day 2016 Offer.


Veterans Day Offer Guide on Clothing, Home Decor and Food & beverage

Amazon offers a great deal on Veterans Day. They also give minimum 20% discount on selective item. Why wait?? Just check it out.

Lord & Taylor

You can purchase your essential commodities from Lord & Taylor. They give 20% off on their clearance items, 15% discount on home decor and 10% discount on small electrics goods.

Old Navy

Old Navy offers up to 60% discount on everything. Hurry up guys!!

Disney Store gives 25% off on entire purchase and they also offers free shipping on purchases of $75 or more.

JC Penny

You will give 30% to 50% off on Veterans Day home sale at JC Penny. Offer valid through V Day. Promo code is not necessary for this offer.

Golden Corral

Golden Corral restaurant offers “Thank You” dinner for all Military Personals. If you are interested then you can take the free sit offer on Monday, November 14th.

Hooters Free Meal

All veterans including current servicemen and women are invited on Hooters. They provide Hooters Free meal on Veterans Day. So Veterans can check this offer. You have brought your military service ID proof with you. Then you can enjoy meal from Hooters selective menu.

Menchie’s Free Frozen Yogurt

You are a veteran and you like frozen yogurt?? Then this offer is only for you dear. Menchie’s offers you a free frozen yogurt of six ounce on Veterans Day. You have to show your valid Id proof or be in uniform to grab this offer.

Mimi’s Café

Mimi’s Café offers a non alcoholic drink to all Veterans and Active Military servicemen on Veterans Day. They will also get free entrée and some  free item on that day.

Great Clips Free Haircut

You will get a free hair cut offer if you visit any branch of Great Clips Salon on Veterans Day. The offer is for all active, retired military person of any branch. They even give the offer for National Guard.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Cats in the World


Cats are now in the list of most popular animal among pets. Many people have a strong love and affection on cat’s community around the world. Naturally they have a keen interest on the luxurious and expensive breeds of cat. As you know the price of the cat varies on their rarity and purity. We are familiar to hear this thing for the dongs only, like super expensive dogs. Here is the 5 most expensive cats breed in the world. Cat Day 2016 is only few days away, so check out the list if you are looking forward to give an expensive gift to a cat lover.


  1. Persian Cat ($1000 to $6000)

Persian is one the old, pure and elegant breed among cats. The origins of these cats are from Persia which is known as Iran Now a days. They were first imported in United Kingdom in the late 19th century. These cats were come to the limelight as this breed was Queen Victoria’s favorite. It is a medium in size and has Round face.  Thick shiny long hair covered all the body with a fine texture, small ears, round eyes and firm paws complete the Persian look. They are available in infinite variety of colors and patterns-like white, blue, black, red, cream, chocolate and lilac. If you like to have this one then you have to spent 1000$ to 6000$ for each.

  1. Peterbald Cat ( $7000 )

Origin of Peterblad Cats are from St. Petersburg, Russia. Basically it is the breed of short hair. But it has hair loosing gene. Because of these they are almost hairless. You need to take extra care if you want to buy this. These are affectionate, peace-full, energetic and athletic in nature. Peterblads are available in 5 types. They generally come in all color. The remarkable thing is the striking blue eyes of it. This cost of this cat is 7000$ approx.

  1. The Bengal ($10,000)

It’s a domestic breed of cross. The Bengal breeds are most attractive and extremely beautiful in looking.  Actual origin is leopard. This is the cross breed of Asian leopard cat with domestic cat. Eyes of Bengal cats are relatively large and it is usually green and blue. Bright orange to light brown color gives it a wild look. Though now it has not that wild temperament inside it. There also exists pale or off-white "snow" Bengals. This breed is popular among owners. It will cost 10,000$.

  1. Savannah Cat ($25,000)

This is also a domestic breed. Savannah is cross between a domestic cat and large eared African cat, serval. This is an unusual cross. Savannah is medium in sized. The cats are very loyal in nature and they can be trained like dog. Savannah is comparatively bigger than Bengal Cat. This cat has a wild look and this breed is quite popular. If you like to buy this one then you have to pay 25,000$ for it.

  1. Ashera Cat ( up to $60,000)

The Ashera is the most expensive cat breed in the world. Actually it’s a marketing gimmick coz it’s actually just a savanna cat. This hybrid cat is cross between Asian Leopard Cat, African Serval and normal Domestic House Cat. Ashera is loyal, very intelligent and affectionate in nature. This is the rarest cat in the world. It is priced at $28,000 upto $60,000.

Which cat do you like to have? Remember some can be available in the animal rescue shelter for free.  If you willing to give them a good home then think about it once. After all they are all just cats


FIFA 17 Top 10 Exciting Gameplay Features

Journey mode:

The first time the 25 long years of FIFA series it had introduces a story mode called Journey. In Journey Mode user will be playing a young talented Alex Hunter who will be given an option to select one of the Premier Leagues. Once he had entered a League and started his Journey, there will be many dialogue wheels, interviews and your every move decides the fate of Alex’s Journey to be number one player in the game. Other than the Journey mode you will also be able to play the campaign mode too.


FIFA 2017 had improved gameplay options with more advanced graphics the game now can provide detailed players with realistic emotions and reactions. More realistic stadiums and crowds. FIFA 17 had improved player interactions, controls, and better goalkeeping. It had developed statistic details, financial systems and players now can interact with managers.

fifa 17 features

New Leagues:

With the ever increasing leagues in the FIFA series, there are two new leagues added to the FIFA 2017. In the previous editions, EASports had added many Turkish, Chinese and Irish leagues to the game. This time, they had added two Japanese leagues J1 League and J1 League Cup to woo the Japanese fans. Other than the new Leagues, this time, FIFA series had more realistic real life coaches and managers.

FrostBite Engine:

The biggest change in FIFA 17 from FIFA 16 is the shift in the game engine. You may think it is Journey mode but without the FrostBite game engine, it is not possible to create Journey Mode. It provides more detailed player interactions, accurate simulations and all the major changes to the FIFA 17 were likely due to FrostBite.


FIFA 2017 is supported by many platforms which include PC, Smartphones and console devices. It supports Android and iOS for Smartphones, Microsoft Windows for PC and Play Station 3, 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360 for Consoles. Multiple platforms give more flexibility to the game, and Story Mode is only available for Console and PC’s.

Set pieces Rewrite:

Even though there is no official statement about the Set Pieces from the EA Sports, it is very clear that there are many changes to the set pieces from the Trailers and Gameplay videos. There are many overhauls to the free kicks, penalties, corners and more.

Active Intelligence system:

FIFA had an improved Active Intelligence system as it had every year but this time, there are many exciting changes to AI System. Players now had more flexibility to move, react and read.

Better Ball Control:

FIFA 17 had improved ball control which facilitates more tactics in passing the ball, taking shots and better throws from the keeper. The game had improved collision physics which provides better realistic ball movements in the match.

New Attacking techniques:

EA had added multiple attacking techniques for more exciting gameplay. Driven finish, driven goal kicks, threaded through pass and downward headers are the new techniques that are added to FIFA 17.

Virtual World Interactions:

FrostBite made it possible to interact more in the virtual world for more immersion into the game. Players can use tunnels, manager’s office, locker rooms and team plane. we need a super smooth and high quality keyboard to play this game. here we write a detail post about the buying guide of Best gaming keyboard .

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