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Top 5 Most Expensive Cats in the World


Cats are now in the list of most popular animal among pets. Many people have a strong love and affection on cat’s community around the world. Naturally they have a keen interest on the luxurious and expensive breeds of cat. As you know the price of the cat varies on their rarity and purity. We are familiar to hear this thing for the dongs only, like super expensive dogs. Here is the 5 most expensive cats breed in the world. Cat Day 2016 is only few days away, so check out the list if you are looking forward to give an expensive gift to a cat lover.


  1. Persian Cat ($1000 to $6000)

Persian is one the old, pure and elegant breed among cats. The origins of these cats are from Persia which is known as Iran Now a days. They were first imported in United Kingdom in the late 19th century. These cats were come to the limelight as this breed was Queen Victoria’s favorite. It is a medium in size and has Round face.  Thick shiny long hair covered all the body with a fine texture, small ears, round eyes and firm paws complete the Persian look. They are available in infinite variety of colors and patterns-like white, blue, black, red, cream, chocolate and lilac. If you like to have this one then you have to spent 1000$ to 6000$ for each.

  1. Peterbald Cat ( $7000 )

Origin of Peterblad Cats are from St. Petersburg, Russia. Basically it is the breed of short hair. But it has hair loosing gene. Because of these they are almost hairless. You need to take extra care if you want to buy this. These are affectionate, peace-full, energetic and athletic in nature. Peterblads are available in 5 types. They generally come in all color. The remarkable thing is the striking blue eyes of it. This cost of this cat is 7000$ approx.

  1. The Bengal ($10,000)

It’s a domestic breed of cross. The Bengal breeds are most attractive and extremely beautiful in looking.  Actual origin is leopard. This is the cross breed of Asian leopard cat with domestic cat. Eyes of Bengal cats are relatively large and it is usually green and blue. Bright orange to light brown color gives it a wild look. Though now it has not that wild temperament inside it. There also exists pale or off-white "snow" Bengals. This breed is popular among owners. It will cost 10,000$.

  1. Savannah Cat ($25,000)

This is also a domestic breed. Savannah is cross between a domestic cat and large eared African cat, serval. This is an unusual cross. Savannah is medium in sized. The cats are very loyal in nature and they can be trained like dog. Savannah is comparatively bigger than Bengal Cat. This cat has a wild look and this breed is quite popular. If you like to buy this one then you have to pay 25,000$ for it.

  1. Ashera Cat ( up to $60,000)

The Ashera is the most expensive cat breed in the world. Actually it’s a marketing gimmick coz it’s actually just a savanna cat. This hybrid cat is cross between Asian Leopard Cat, African Serval and normal Domestic House Cat. Ashera is loyal, very intelligent and affectionate in nature. This is the rarest cat in the world. It is priced at $28,000 upto $60,000.

Which cat do you like to have? Remember some can be available in the animal rescue shelter for free.  If you willing to give them a good home then think about it once. After all they are all just cats


FIFA 17 Top 10 Exciting Gameplay Features

Journey mode:

The first time the 25 long years of FIFA series it had introduces a story mode called Journey. In Journey Mode user will be playing a young talented Alex Hunter who will be given an option to select one of the Premier Leagues. Once he had entered a League and started his Journey, there will be many dialogue wheels, interviews and your every move decides the fate of Alex’s Journey to be number one player in the game. Other than the Journey mode you will also be able to play the campaign mode too.


FIFA 2017 had improved gameplay options with more advanced graphics the game now can provide detailed players with realistic emotions and reactions. More realistic stadiums and crowds. FIFA 17 had improved player interactions, controls, and better goalkeeping. It had developed statistic details, financial systems and players now can interact with managers.

fifa 17 features

New Leagues:

With the ever increasing leagues in the FIFA series, there are two new leagues added to the FIFA 2017. In the previous editions, EASports had added many Turkish, Chinese and Irish leagues to the game. This time, they had added two Japanese leagues J1 League and J1 League Cup to woo the Japanese fans. Other than the new Leagues, this time, FIFA series had more realistic real life coaches and managers.

FrostBite Engine:

The biggest change in FIFA 17 from FIFA 16 is the shift in the game engine. You may think it is Journey mode but without the FrostBite game engine, it is not possible to create Journey Mode. It provides more detailed player interactions, accurate simulations and all the major changes to the FIFA 17 were likely due to FrostBite.


FIFA 2017 is supported by many platforms which include PC, Smartphones and console devices. It supports Android and iOS for Smartphones, Microsoft Windows for PC and Play Station 3, 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360 for Consoles. Multiple platforms give more flexibility to the game, and Story Mode is only available for Console and PC’s.

Set pieces Rewrite:

Even though there is no official statement about the Set Pieces from the EA Sports, it is very clear that there are many changes to the set pieces from the Trailers and Gameplay videos. There are many overhauls to the free kicks, penalties, corners and more.

Active Intelligence system:

FIFA had an improved Active Intelligence system as it had every year but this time, there are many exciting changes to AI System. Players now had more flexibility to move, react and read.

Better Ball Control:

FIFA 17 had improved ball control which facilitates more tactics in passing the ball, taking shots and better throws from the keeper. The game had improved collision physics which provides better realistic ball movements in the match.

New Attacking techniques:

EA had added multiple attacking techniques for more exciting gameplay. Driven finish, driven goal kicks, threaded through pass and downward headers are the new techniques that are added to FIFA 17.

Virtual World Interactions:

FrostBite made it possible to interact more in the virtual world for more immersion into the game. Players can use tunnels, manager’s office, locker rooms and team plane. we need a super smooth and high quality keyboard to play this game. here we write a detail post about the buying guide of Best gaming keyboard .

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7 Exciting Features of GarageBand


GarageBand is a Digital Audio Workstation developed by Apple for its devices running on OSX and iOS. This is a great music editing and mixing tool for musicians and podcasters. It got many virtual instruments, mixing and editing tools, recording, Music lessons, and much more which helps for many starters and experienced people to create their music. GarageBand is mostly available for free for new Mac users, or they can buy from Mac store. It is available either buy for $50 with the iLife suite which had iTunes, iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand or can buy GarageBand 11 alone for $15.


7 Exciting Features of GarageBand

User Interface:

Apple always comes with the best interface and GarageBand is also having an excellent easy to use interface. Unlike the most music softwares where you need to tweak everything to get to know more about it and confusing several times, in GarageBand, you will easily getto know all the options. When you open the app, it will give you the option to create a new project with instruments or thetype of work to choose from.


Recording in GarageBand is very simple you can play your track on the application and click on the record button. Then start narrating or singing from your mic. It record at 24 bits with a mic and you can also play multiple tracks in the background.

iPad Control:

One good feature in GarageBand is you can install an app called Logic Remote on your iPad and control the GarageBand directly from the iPad. This will be a lot useful for those who do not like to work with a mouse and feel the application. It would be more productive to use on an iPad than with a keyboard or mouse.


GarageBand had a lot of Virtual instruments and variations of those instruments. It had Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Acoustic instruments and a ton of variations of those. There are in-app purchases where users can get more instruments, lessons, and other editing features.

Audio Editing:

In GarageBand users can add music files directly from iTunes and can trim, cut and copy any section of an audio file and add another audio file to it. Users can also add multiple tracks to create an altogether new music.


GarageBand had developed greatly over time and mixing in in garage band had also improved. Users can add up to 255 tracks to a project that of audio files, instrument loops, effects, or music styles.


GarageBand comes with many videos on how to use and create great music and lessons about music. Users can get more lessons when they buy a 5$ or 50$ expansion pack like up to 180 lessons and many other effects, loops, instruments along with those packs

These are seven most prominent features in GarageBand and much more to explore. GarageBand is a popular software amongmusiciansin particular for starters.

What is your most loved feature in GarageBand and why do you like it? Or do you like any other feature to be added to the list? Please use our Comment section below to reply us.

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Some of the 5 Facetime Features Which Make It Awesome


Apple apps are received well in the market. Facetime for PC is no different. The social media app based on video calling and chatting is doing rounds since its release and is growing stronger every year. Such is the popularity that today you can find users all over the world making use of this feature. The open standard app which can be used by several platforms and other manufacturers is able to leverage Facetime protocol.


Some of the devices on which you can make use of Facetime are iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch, and Mac. The good thing about this is that, Apple has priced it at only 0.99 cents. This is a good sign which encourages all Apple users to make use of this software to make video chat, even though they can only talk to other Mac devices with it.

In this article, we will read about 5 Facetime features which make it awesome.

Facetime video chatting

FaceTime video chatting is a very popular and handy feature in iOS. It can keep up with your family throughout the world. The audio function is one of the most powerful features and it is able to work as video. However, you can make the call minutes on your mobile phone tariff. You can also turn your iPod touch into a mini iPhone.

What is Facetime audio?

The Facetime audio is another powerful feature which helps your iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod touch to make voice calls using WiFi over 3G/4G. It is known as VoIP (Voice over IP). The Facetime has to be enabled on your device and connected to the Internet. You do not need a person’s phone number because it can make use of an email address which has been turned on.

The quality of your call is powerful thanks due to AAC-ELD codec. That enables the HD audio to make calls at low bit-rates and with minimal latency. The voice sound richer when you are using Facetime audio when compared to a regular phone signal. When you have iPod Touch (5th generation) you can make voice calls over WiFi using the device.


The popular feature of Facetime is the picture which is present in the picture view. Using this feature you can find out exactly what your partner who is conversing with you is seeing. The cameras in the front and the rear can be used to view. The transition between landscape and portrait view can be performed.

There is no doubt that Facetime works extremely good when users have powerful Wi-Fi connections and network conditions are good. Though it is not perfect the technology progresses and more devices support the standard that it can change mobile communication dramatically.

Hope you found this article on some of the Facetime features helpful and will want to use it.

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iOS 10: A sneak peak!

The coming Monday might bring for us iOS 10, full of new features and add on ranging from Siri smart features, to a new HomeKit, Apple Pay, etc. Next week, at WWDC, we are expecting a major milestone from Apple in the form of the iOS 10. As of now, the beta download for iOS 10 shall be available from June 13 and the official release 3 months after.

From what we have been reported about, Apple's iOS 10 is in the testing phase right on which means that after its release in June, it is up for another release date, the one which shall be the final software update. At the WWDC,  Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president for software engineering shall formally introduce iOS10 to all the people.

The iOS 10 beta version shall be made available for the developers right after the release, while a public beta is likely to be launched in July, same as it did with iOS 9. Last year, the public beta got huge success to Apple for iOS 9 and even now, with the latest updates, features come up as wuite a surprise for the users.

For those who plan to ait up for tje final iOS 10 version, you will have to wait for quite some time as it is only after bug testing is done by the developers that the stable and accurate version of iOS 10 shall be made availablre. It is likely that both iOS 10 and the iPhone 7 will have their launch together in the month of September.

The iOs 10 beta is expected to bring huge success just like last year and one can expect the three ways to download the same until as a system update.

As saiid above, it will be the Apple Developer Program members who shall receive the beta versions at first, mid june that is. This means that they will have to enroll in the developer program by paying the required fee.

For people who want to have the public beta and of course test the iOS 10 for free, you must wait up until July when the public testing shall be done. All you will have to is go to Apple's website and do the registration which shall not take more than a couple of minutes.

And that was all about the iOS 10 to be launched next week followed by the public beta versions in July and the final release in September. iOS 10 shall surely bring some real changes for the users and of course the one that shall enhance the entire user experience and look and feel of Apple devices.

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Republic of Ireland’s 23-man squad, Robbie Keane and much more


With Robbie Keane making the cut at the Republic of Ireland’s 23 man squad the chances of the team to make a mark have drastically increased this Euro cup 2016. Martin O’Neil named the squad after the team’s unexpected defeat to Belarus, 2-1, in their last friendly in Cork.


Although Keane’s pace was visibly affected by his calf injuries, he was still in marvelous form throughout the entire game. The LA Galaxy striker was hosed alongside Daryl Murphy and Shane Long for the final team. O’Neil, assisted by Roy Keane also picked Keiren Westwood as the third choice for a goalie instead of the more popular choice, David Forde. The latter started Ireland’s qualifying championships as number one.

More surprises and Easter eggs

Darren Randolph and Shay Given were both selected as backups last season for their falling forms. In the current scenario, Westwood is the only one who plays regularly at a club-level. On the other hand, the day was not so bright for Bournemouth, who picked up a thigh injury last Friday in a friendly against Netherlands. The coach is giving him a miss this Euro alongside his club teammate Eunan O’Kane and Darren Gibson. Gibson is the midfielder for Everton.


David McGoldrick was also cut from the main 23-man list. However Murphy was picked despite never scoring in a single of his 20 international appearances. This is quite baffling for most soccer fans as McGoldrick has given a steadily good performance throughout the season and is the more experienced of the duo.

Injuries and McCarthy

However the Irish fans are rejoicing as Everton midfielder James McCarthy was picked for the national team this season despite his thigh injuries. The other midfielders picked include Robbie Brady, Jeff Hendrick, Wes Hoolahan, James McClean, Alden McGeady, David Meyler, Stephen Quinn and Glenn Whelan. The current list also shows a surprisingly strong defense, with 7 of the best names on the current list for the Republic of Ireland team.

Looks like the team is making up for the unexpected loss against Belarus, the unexpected heroes ended Ireland’s undefeated run in Euro 2016 friendlies. The defense and the entire performance from Ireland’s team was nothing above par, which gave the rookie team the opportunity to beat the Irish giants by quite an effortless 2-1. Shane Long tried to save the day by scoring a consolation goal 19 minutes from time, but the salvation came too late. However the team is glad to see Shane Long make the cut in the forwards position, as his salvaging moves and winner’s attitude may take the team a long way this European Championship. do not forget to check Euro Cup 2016 Schedule.

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Top 6 Best Alternatives of KIK Messenger

Kik Messenger Alternatives

There are many social networking apps in this modern. KIK messenger is one of the crowns. But sometimes users get bored using Kik messenger every time. That’s why they may need a change. That’s we need some best alternatives of KIK app, and thankfully we have some really good options here.

6 Best Alternatives of KIK Messenger

WhatsApp: The first one is WhatsApp. Everyone uses it on their smartphone and we don’t need to introduce it further. This world famous messenger got the features of VoIP calling before a few months. The recent “end to end encryption” feature has taken it to the class of the product of Apple. Users can send contacts, location and documents using this superfast messenger. Though you can’t get all the taste of Kik messenger in it, you can consider it as one of the available alternatives of Kik messenger.

WeChat: We Chat is the premier chatting app in China and now-a-days it has covered almost all South Asia. Within few years it may cross the number of users of WhatsApp. It has all the standard features like stickers, voice calling and video calling also. Have some faith on this Chinese creation and we can assure you it will not disappoint you at all. However, the options of having Kik online, gives this app an extra edge over its alternatives for sure.

Hike: It’s an Indian initiative. It’s famous for its desi stickers with Indian regional languages. It provides free SMS if you use Hike daily, you can save penny in sending traditional SMS also. Hike has come up with some new updates like changing the background for each person and group as the latest update rolls out.

skype: If we consider the video calling then there is no match of Skype. It’s considered as the father figure of video calling software. You need to just add the friends using the mails they are registered with. With a single tap, connect with the person who is thousand miles away.

Viber: It’s a new messaging service and not all of them are aware of it I guess though within very few years it comes up as the top dog of the world instant messaging platform. Just using the phone no you have in your phone you can register here and simply keep apart the needs of having user name and password.

LINE: The Japanese are not far behind. LINE is the product of a Japanese company named LINE Corporation. The only feature that differentiate LINE from the other messaging service is that the celebrities’ sticker like here in India, we have stickers of Katrina Kaif and moreover there are some contest like sending a sticker to a group for seven days and if you do this successfully without any fail, a certain amount will be credited to your phone number as balance.

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Microsoft Partnered With 74 Android OEM to Provide Preinstalled Windows Apps


It seems Staya Nadella is working hard to take Microsoft into a competitive market in smartphone world which is now dominated by Google. Android has been the market leader and has captured 65% market share. To break the monopoly of Android, Microsoft has taken an unbelievable step to cut out the competition and do something on side of Microsoft.


Microsoft has partnered with 74 Android OEM and Asus is the last one to enter into the partnership. This strategic move can take the leverage for Microsoft as all these OEM is ready to preinstall Windows Apps in their Android smartphone.

Nothing could be more advantageous for Microsoft than partnering with the OEMs of Android. Though they did not spare a word about it and even did not announce it before the number of partners hit 74! Asus has announced that they are going to this partnership with Microsoft a few days ago. Then the new hit the market.

This move can be called a passive marketing or passive invasion by which Windows wanna eat out some portion of the viewership from Android by putting their preinstalled apps in those smartphone.


This is nothing but to give some tastes of Windows to the Android users. The OEMs are likely to include apps like Dropbox, One drive, Skype, MS office and Outlook.

Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division, Microsoft said-

"Our strategic agreements with these partners, in which IP alignment is an important feature, demonstrate how Microsoft is leveraging the scale of the hardware ecosystem, and working with partners in new ways to deliver rich experiences to our customers, This is a cornerstone of our broad services strategy, to bring an array of Microsoft services to every person on every device."

Acer product head indicated this move as “integrated software development”. By placing the Windows app into Android platform Mobile companies can loot a lot of profit and can increase the productivity as well.

Android market is getting more competitive as companies like Xioami and One Plus strated delivering high end product at dirt cheap price. At this transition period Microsoft comes up with a new window of opportunity where Android OEMs can give their customers a lot of new things- in a line, advantages of Windows while keeping your OS Android!

No doubt that this partnership will start flowing waves of appreciation and may find a smarter business outlook.

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Google is Killing Picasa

Google Picasa

Google is officially killing Picasa as Google Photos has grown better. So Picasa is gonna to retire on 15th March. Picasa has been the first choice for web photo editing. From mid March Picasa support for desktop is gonna be stopped by the Google.


Now a day’s people look for something which is flexible to use and easy to manage. Google photo has come up in the place of Picasa and users now prefer Google photo as it’s easy to access and much user friendly. Moreover syncing photos in Google drive is easier than Picasa. User interface is also awesome while same in the Picasa is little bit clumsy.

How Google photos has killed Picasa and compelled Google to shut Picasa down. New features of have checked met Picasa in many ways. You can make some files in Google Photos in order to save the data in a perfect manner while in Picasa you can’t do it. Picasa shows only those images you have in your desktop and that also haphazard manner. Syncing in web or getting all the data in back up is also a problem. You can find any photo of your online library using google photo while searching the photo is picasa was a mess. In parallel Google Photo offers unlimited photo or video storage options. This is let your smartphone and laptop free of junk. Just getting logged into your account you can see and share your photos directly with the people you want. (Note: Recipient must have a Google Account).

Read: Panasonic P66 Mega Launch

All these reasons have led Google to shut its popular software down. Before a year, Google ditched its social networking sites Orkut and now it’s turn for Picasa. Google has found the substitute for it also. Before a year Google launched Google photo and developed that in such a manner so that you don’t need to get into picasa further to play with your photos.

“After much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to retire Picasa over the coming months in order to focus entirely on a single photo service in Google Photos,” Google officially hanged the notice on Picasa’s official Blogspot today.

Though Picasa is closing down, you will be able to access your data backed up for a few months at least. For web Picasa you will get an easy option to transfer all your photos and videos to Google photos in a cinch.

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Panasonic P66 Mega launched for Rs 7,990


Panasonic has come up with something new experience. We are talking about P66 Mega, its newest P-Series smartphone, which has 21 Indian native languages built in. The mobile phone is priced at Rs 7,990. Apart from the other features the P66 Mega features all the modern connectivity options such as Bluetooth, GPS and also double SIM 3G as well as 2G. It seems they have left nothing behind to pour into the P66 Mega.


Let’s come into the inner discussion of this device. Powered by a 3200mAh battery, it looks like a power giant and we can bet if it works as it said then it will join the elite club of smartphone with long lasting batteries. the device works on Android Lollipop 5.1 and a 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor clubbed with 2GB RAM and 16GB flash memory which can be expanded to 32GB, Panasonic said in a declaration.

Features of the camera are just ok at this price band but resolution will be better because of the screen quality it has on it. The 8MP back camera equipped with flash works good even in low light due to its wide angled aperture and 5MP front camera are accompanied instant capture option which helps to take selfie while in motion, all of these features are accompanied by a 12.7 cm HD IPS display screen. Panasonic did not go for OLED display this time and settled down for best HD experience. On the software application front we get Android 5.1 Lollipop with Panasonic Icon UI on the top. It is confirmed that this smartphone will be upgraded to Android Marshmallow after few months.

"Digital India has to do with all about bridging the digital divide through modern technology and connecting individuals to the electronic world in their own language. The having numbers of mobile internet users in India is evidence of the electronic ambitions of Indians today" Pankaj Rana, business head of mobility department, Panasonic India, stated while announcing the launch of the device.

By setting up a multi-language profile in their latest device, Panasonic seeks to attach Indians via mobile phone modern technology to the world of opportunities in mobile financial, online purchasing, social networking and online entertainment as well.

There will be some color options available for you to choose from. The Panasonic P66 Mega will be available in Electric Blue, Rose Gold, as well as Russet Brown colour variations. Panasonic had recently launched the security oriented smartphone, the Eluga Mark, with a tag price of Rs 11,990.

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