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Xbox 2- Check out the KEY SPECS and RELEASE DATE!

xbox 2 game

Gamers around the world have been eagerly waiting for the release of Xbox 2. Now that we are heading closer towards that big day, our expectations and excitements are overbrimming the height of the summit. For all the Xbox freaks, here’s what you need to know if you have that huge question mark on your mind about the release date of the second Xbox or Project Scorpio.


As known to us from the very beginning, Microsoft has created and owned Xbox. Xbox is gaming brand (video gaming) which represents consoles which have been designed by Microsoft itself. At first, it was introduced on November 15 in the year 2011. With the launch of the original Xbox, the console crossed 24 million units in just a month which, precisely on May, 2006. Competing with Sony’s PS 3, the successor Xbox 360 was released in November 2005 reaching 78.2 million units across the globe. Next arrived, Xbox One, which was launched in 2013, November and competing with Play Station 4. Now comes the best part for the gaming freaks. Every gaming guru is perhaps looking forward to the key specs of the upcoming Xbox 2. Well, for that, you need to check this article. Predicting the future and setting the stage, that is what exactly we can do, at least for the time being. According to some speculations, Xbox 2 has some key specs which are mentioned below.

Xbox 2 OR Project Scorpio- KEY SPECS

Combining incredible horsepower with cutting edge design, is Microsoft’s way of building consoles. Here’s the final key specs for GPU/CPU/RAM and memory.

  • Reports say Xbox 2 is expected to have a memory of 12GB GDDR5, 326GB/s bandwidth and 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive with a GPU of 40 customized compute units clocked at 1172MHz. A CPU of eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz is speculated to be designed in Xbox 2.
  • In an interview Phil Spencer said, “That said, the opening price point of the Xbox One S, and the different hard drive sizes that is a critical part of this whole product. When I think it as a product line, you should expect the pricing to kind of be in line with that.” Expectations offer us to speculate that Xbox 2 will have different hard drives sizes. With that it will also be provided with merging hard drive technology, specifically to be called as Shingled Magnetic Recording.
  • While Xbox 2 was just a rumor some speculated that it would replace some other device and relying completely on Kinect for controlling the games and would do away with classic controller. However, Microsoft launched an improved and new classic controller for Xbox One. Similar one was designed for Xbox 360. Now Windows 10 don’t need any tracking purpose, while few speculations suggest that Kinect can offer a VR to Microsoft which would provide hands-free experiences of virtual reality.

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Xbox 2- Release Date

According to reports Microsoft is on its way in boasting some of the incredible for Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio and is expected to be launched by the end of this year in November.

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FIFA 18 Might Include a Number of New Leagues

The ongoing season in the world of football is approaching its end. And the news feed from that section is now slowly getting filled up with transfer news. There have been quite a few in the recent past, and it is more than obvious that it is going to rise in number. Amidst this real-life football, there are updates coming from the virtual world as well, the world of video games that is. And to be very frank, many are expected to turn out to be true once the new edition in the game releases.

FIFA 18 Release Date

We were talking about FIFA 18, and that is quite clear as we were talking about the changes that are going to be brought in the new edition. Before going into the elaborate discussion of the new additions that are going to come in with the unveiling of FIFA 18, we need to take a look at the release date. And it can be safely predicted that it is going to be in the latter half of the month of September this year that we would be able to come across the first looks of the game. For the last three edition Electronic Arts (EA), the developer of the games in the FIFA franchise (in case you are unaware of that) went on the third Tuesday in the month of September to launch the latest edition of the game. So it is believed that there isn’t going to be any exception this around as well.

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Now as we finally move on to the changes that are going to take place in FIFA 18, the first thing that comes to our mind is one of the in-game things. And that is the inclusion of a new league in the game. As of now, there are reports that the Chinese Super League is somewhat confirmed to make an appearance in FIFA 18. Among the others, we have the Indian Super League. So that comes as great news for the Indian fans of football. There are also talks going on that the third division league in Germany is also going to be a part of the upcoming version of the game.

Moving on from the new leagues that are going to appear in FIFA 18, we focus on the Journey Mode which has been a big hit among the fans. The general question that has popped up from the fans concerns the return of the Journey Mode. And all those who are worrying about the presence of the Journey Mode in FIFA 18 should be informed that it would be a really gutsy move to remove such a big hit. In fact, it would be too much of a risk on behalf of EA to remove The Journey Mode from FIFA 18. Hence, the fans can stay somewhat assured of the fact that The Journey Mode is going to make a comeback into FIFA 18.

Definitely, there are more questions which are making rounds regarding the inclusions and the exclusions in the game FIFA 18. And it can be said that all these will be answered once the game gets uncovered in the month of September. Till the release date of FIFA 18 you do not have any option other than relying on the leaks and rumors which come up frequently from various reliable sources.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: When Can We Expect it to be launched?

galaxy note 8

All eyes are struck on Samsung since when they announced that they have started working on their next Galaxy 8 earlier this year.So we are quite sure that the Galaxy Note series is not yet dead after the fiasco with Note 7. The expectations of all the Samsung lovers are already high on Galaxy Note 8, since they believe this time the phone will definitely be superior and most importantly safer from its previous version. There are many rumors already in the market which say this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to be the best phone that Samsung has ever produced till now.

galaxy note 8

Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

We all know the battery disaster incident of the previous version of the phone i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The battery of the phones was getting caught by the fire and eventually burst. Samsung needed to call off all the Note 7 smartphones from the market due to this incident. Even Airports had banned these phones in aircrafts. Samsung had lost billions of rupees due to this debacle. Sales plunged like hell for Samsung, and the company was down and out for a brief period of time.

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Samsung, later, mainly blamed the structural integrity of the phone for the mishap. But a lot of others analysts mention that this was not the complete story. Putting a bigger battery in Galaxy Note 7 and try to launch it before the Apple iPhone 7 series were the two main reasons of the disaster.

Galaxy Note 8: Probable Launch Date-IFA 2017

Most of the experts are expecting that the Galaxy Note 8 Release Date is scheduled for IFA-2017 which is all set to take place on 1-6 September 2017. Even IFA Executive Director, Jens Heithecker, himself said in a press conference that he would want to see Galaxy Note 8 in IFA 2017 in Berlin. He said ““My personal perspective is that IFA would be the better place (to unveil the new Note smartphone).”

There is a reason why everybody is expecting the Note 8 in IFA, as Note 1 was first introduced in IFA 2011 followed by the launch Note 2, 3, 4 in the years followed. Only for Note 5 and Note 7, Samsung had a standalone launch between which Note 7 was a disaster. Hence it’s pretty easy to expect that the next Note 8 is going to be introduced in IFA-2017.

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Regarding the launch, The Korea Times also said “The big advantage is that we have a lot of media and journalists from all around the world in Berlin. It is not possible to bring them all together in other cities wherever it is, in August. That’s our offer.”

Last Word: iPhone 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It is almost certain that Apple is going to launch their next dream phone iPhone 8 in the middle of September 2017. So once Samsung launches their next big project Galaxy Note 8 in the first week of September 2017, it would be a great thing to see who wins the customer trust at last. It will be an interesting battle to see who wins the last laugh-Samsung or Apple.

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LG V30 may not launch on time-know why here

lg v30

The Korean giant LG will look to continue its triumphant run with the V series of flagship smartphones. With the V20 being lauded in all quarters, the next-generation V30 will consolidate it market to an even greater extent. Reports have now emerged that the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, known in tech jargon as a SoC, will power the new LG V30. The new chip is several times more powerful than its previous iterations. The 835 Soc was first displayed in full public view at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas only a few weeks ago.

lg v30

The new LG V30 also has one unique feature which will continue to wow audio buffs and even common users. It will feature an ESS-designed 32-bit quad-DAC system which will improve the audio system exponentially. This new feature, in conjunction with the Bang and Olufsen headphones. will make the new LG V30 one to watch out for. The new LG V30 is expected to arrive soon. The Korean giant has sought to change its perception from being a white goods manufacturer to one which manufactures a specialised device like a smartphone. the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is ample testimony to the fact that LG is dead serious in creating a splash in the high-end smartphone market with the LG V30.

The other features of the new LG V30 are also very interesting.  Unlike the preceding LG V20, the LG V30 will ditch the secondary display which had endeared the V20 to many users. The reason for the decision is not known, also it must be mentioned here that this snippet of news is more rumour than verifiable fact. The new LG V30 is also a competent phone with a  6GB RAM which is coupled with decent, if not overly impressive, internal storage options.The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, although an excellent choice, may prove to be the chink in the armour for the new smartphone as Samsung, the other Korean giant, has exclusive rights over the entire SoC supply until the month of March. This means that only the new Samsung Galaxy S8 devices will come equipped with the new SD 835 processors, although LG too may look to power some of its own V-series devices with underclocked variants of the same chipset.

This is precisely the reason why we believe that the new LG V30 may be delayed. Considering the fact that the average lifecycle of the V-series smartphone is one year, we were well within our rights in estimating a September or October 2017 release. However, with the fate of the new chipset hanging in the balance, this might well get delayed by some time. Interestingly, yesterday Samsung announced that it would soon launch the Exynos 9 series processors. Whether or not it will power the new Galaxy S8 is something only time will tell. The new LG V30 would do good if it followed the example set by Xiaomi, with its indigenous Pinecone processor or even Apple with its own Fusion Chip or the A10. The LG v30 is compatible with all the best selfie sticks.

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LG G6 Smartphone Slated To Amalgamate Impeccable design with Killer Specs.


The upcoming year is already on the verge of seeing the best possible smartphones rolled out by the big tech companies sporting the latest specifications and a state-of the-art design. Consumer electronics manufacturer LG has been in the news consistently owing to their much hyped about flagship device, the LG G6 which is due to surface sometime later this year.


Pegged to be a forerunner alongside the Galaxies and iPhones post its launch, LG is striving to incorporate the best possible specs within the device offering the newest and most advanced technology inside the smartphone. Concrete details pertaining to the LG G6 have been limited with people merely speculating about what the upcoming smartphone is poised to feature. And there is little chance that LG would disappoint. iPhone 8 will give a tough fight to LG G6.

LG’s long term plans surrounding OLED is finally poised to materialized as the LG G6 is expected to be rolled out with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display sporting a mammoth 4K resolution, the best in the market today. The premium smartphone’s display will be protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 technology protecting it from all sorts of external damage. LG has already labeled their device revolutionary and it might just be on so many levels. Rumours were also strife earlier that the secondary display on LG’s V smartphone line-up will be incorporated in the G6. However, owing to the negative responses regarding the specification, the speculations died out quite fast.

Apart from the OLED technology, the upcoming LG G6 smartphone is expected to feature 100% screen-to-body ratio completely eliminating bezels on the front panel of the device. The home-button embedded fingerprint scanner is slated to be replaced by one on the multi-touch screen. Also, a second fingerprint scanner will be present on the rear panel of the device. LG’s attention to detail and design for the LG G6 goes further in depth as the new device is touted to feature a glass and metal body making it slightly slimmer though all the more delicate.

The upcoming smartphone is also expected to feature Qualcomm’s latest 10nm technology incorporating the Snapdragon 835 processor inside the smartphone. The new processor from the chipset manufacturer guarantees a 20 percent ramp up in speed and performance at the minimum also offering Qualcomm’s Quickcharge 4.0 battery retaining capacity which is twice as efficient and optimum as Quickcharge 3.0 making the new processor miles more powerful than its earlier variant.

Much information pertaining to the G6 has been withheld by the company and we can only be sure once LG decides to make further information regarding the device public. The LG G6 is expected to surface at least for once in the forthcoming MWC event in February later this year. There have been certain reports pointing at a an August 2017 release for the LG G6 post the WWDC conference in June. Pegged to be one of the major contenders for the number flagship olf 2017, this revolutionary upcoming device from LG is expected to do wonders.

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iOS 11 Set to Feature Dark Mode, Virtual Reality and Better Siri

Much before the advent of the New year we have been receiving news and updates regarding the electronic gadgets thatare going to make an appearance n the market in course of the year 2017. And once the New Year has set in, more and more news has flowed in every now and then revealing some news or the other about the upcoming smartphones and accessories. Among those ones that are bound to grab the attention of all the tech enthusiasts across the world are the one dealing with the Apple iOS 11 operating system.

Apple is popular among the fans for all the upgrades that it brings every passing year. And it is expected that the Apple iOS 11 operating system is going to be an incredible one. Across the world, everyone is expecting yet another sensational release from Apple as far as the operating system of the iPhones and other gadgets is concerned.

It is believed that considerable development is going to be made in a number of segments. Dark Mode is one of the features that are going to be the highlight of the iOS 11. Experts have revealed that the Dark Mode is going to be one of the eye-catching features that Apple is going to roll out with the release of the latest software update. Once the Dark Mode is switched on in an Apple device, the gadget will get easily noticeable even in the extreme darkness. Often users find it difficult to adjust to the brightness of the smartphone while using the smartphone or a tablet in darkness. So with the new Dark Mode, this problem is set to get fixed which sounds incredible anyone who is thinking of getting hold of a new apple iPhone.

Not only that it is beloved that iOS 11 is going to bring virtual reality in the smartphones that will support the latest software. Virtual reality is one of the in-things at the moment in the world of technology. So it is definitely not going to be a surprise if Apple comes up with the virtual reality technology in their latest software update. Also, the Android operating system already comes with a support for the virtual reality. So to keep up with the developments made by Android developer, the virtual reality could well be one of the trump cards that Apple might use.

Along with the virtual reality and the Dark Mode, Apple iPhone 8 is all set to develop Siri. Siri is already one of the highlighting features of the iOS platform. A development in that section is bound to make it all the more incredible. Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly set to sport Bixby as one of its features. So, further development in the Siri is surely not going to come as too much of a surprise for all those who have kept an eye on all the developments regarding the upcoming software from Apple.

However, we are not yet sure when Apple is going to roll out the iOS 11 software update. But an announcement is expected to be made during the WWDC which is scheduled to be held in the month of June this year.


FIFA 17 Top 10 Exciting Gameplay Features

Journey mode:

The first time the 25 long years of FIFA series it had introduces a story mode called Journey. In Journey Mode user will be playing a young talented Alex Hunter who will be given an option to select one of the Premier Leagues. Once he had entered a League and started his Journey, there will be many dialogue wheels, interviews and your every move decides the fate of Alex’s Journey to be number one player in the game. Other than the Journey mode you will also be able to play the campaign mode too.


FIFA 2017 had improved gameplay options with more advanced graphics the game now can provide detailed players with realistic emotions and reactions. More realistic stadiums and crowds. FIFA 17 had improved player interactions, controls, and better goalkeeping. It had developed statistic details, financial systems and players now can interact with managers.

fifa 17 features

New Leagues:

With the ever increasing leagues in the FIFA series, there are two new leagues added to the FIFA 2017. In the previous editions, EASports had added many Turkish, Chinese and Irish leagues to the game. This time, they had added two Japanese leagues J1 League and J1 League Cup to woo the Japanese fans. Other than the new Leagues, this time, FIFA series had more realistic real life coaches and managers.

FrostBite Engine:

The biggest change in FIFA 17 from FIFA 16 is the shift in the game engine. You may think it is Journey mode but without the FrostBite game engine, it is not possible to create Journey Mode. It provides more detailed player interactions, accurate simulations and all the major changes to the FIFA 17 were likely due to FrostBite.


FIFA 2017 is supported by many platforms which include PC, Smartphones and console devices. It supports Android and iOS for Smartphones, Microsoft Windows for PC and Play Station 3, 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360 for Consoles. Multiple platforms give more flexibility to the game, and Story Mode is only available for Console and PC’s.

Set pieces Rewrite:

Even though there is no official statement about the Set Pieces from the EA Sports, it is very clear that there are many changes to the set pieces from the Trailers and Gameplay videos. There are many overhauls to the free kicks, penalties, corners and more.

Active Intelligence system:

FIFA had an improved Active Intelligence system as it had every year but this time, there are many exciting changes to AI System. Players now had more flexibility to move, react and read.

Better Ball Control:

FIFA 17 had improved ball control which facilitates more tactics in passing the ball, taking shots and better throws from the keeper. The game had improved collision physics which provides better realistic ball movements in the match.

New Attacking techniques:

EA had added multiple attacking techniques for more exciting gameplay. Driven finish, driven goal kicks, threaded through pass and downward headers are the new techniques that are added to FIFA 17.

Virtual World Interactions:

FrostBite made it possible to interact more in the virtual world for more immersion into the game. Players can use tunnels, manager’s office, locker rooms and team plane. we need a super smooth and high quality keyboard to play this game. here we write a detail post about the buying guide of Best gaming keyboard .

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iOS 10: A sneak peak!

The coming Monday might bring for us iOS 10, full of new features and add on ranging from Siri smart features, to a new HomeKit, Apple Pay, etc. Next week, at WWDC, we are expecting a major milestone from Apple in the form of the iOS 10. As of now, the beta download for iOS 10 shall be available from June 13 and the official release 3 months after.

From what we have been reported about, Apple's iOS 10 is in the testing phase right on which means that after its release in June, it is up for another release date, the one which shall be the final software update. At the WWDC,  Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president for software engineering shall formally introduce iOS10 to all the people.

The iOS 10 beta version shall be made available for the developers right after the release, while a public beta is likely to be launched in July, same as it did with iOS 9. Last year, the public beta got huge success to Apple for iOS 9 and even now, with the latest updates, features come up as wuite a surprise for the users.

For those who plan to ait up for tje final iOS 10 version, you will have to wait for quite some time as it is only after bug testing is done by the developers that the stable and accurate version of iOS 10 shall be made availablre. It is likely that both iOS 10 and the iPhone 7 will have their launch together in the month of September.

The iOs 10 beta is expected to bring huge success just like last year and one can expect the three ways to download the same until as a system update.

As saiid above, it will be the Apple Developer Program members who shall receive the beta versions at first, mid june that is. This means that they will have to enroll in the developer program by paying the required fee.

For people who want to have the public beta and of course test the iOS 10 for free, you must wait up until July when the public testing shall be done. All you will have to is go to Apple's website and do the registration which shall not take more than a couple of minutes.

And that was all about the iOS 10 to be launched next week followed by the public beta versions in July and the final release in September. iOS 10 shall surely bring some real changes for the users and of course the one that shall enhance the entire user experience and look and feel of Apple devices.

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Microsoft Partnered With 74 Android OEM to Provide Preinstalled Windows Apps


It seems Staya Nadella is working hard to take Microsoft into a competitive market in smartphone world which is now dominated by Google. Android has been the market leader and has captured 65% market share. To break the monopoly of Android, Microsoft has taken an unbelievable step to cut out the competition and do something on side of Microsoft.


Microsoft has partnered with 74 Android OEM and Asus is the last one to enter into the partnership. This strategic move can take the leverage for Microsoft as all these OEM is ready to preinstall Windows Apps in their Android smartphone.

Nothing could be more advantageous for Microsoft than partnering with the OEMs of Android. Though they did not spare a word about it and even did not announce it before the number of partners hit 74! Asus has announced that they are going to this partnership with Microsoft a few days ago. Then the new hit the market.

This move can be called a passive marketing or passive invasion by which Windows wanna eat out some portion of the viewership from Android by putting their preinstalled apps in those smartphone.


This is nothing but to give some tastes of Windows to the Android users. The OEMs are likely to include apps like Dropbox, One drive, Skype, MS office and Outlook.

Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division, Microsoft said-

"Our strategic agreements with these partners, in which IP alignment is an important feature, demonstrate how Microsoft is leveraging the scale of the hardware ecosystem, and working with partners in new ways to deliver rich experiences to our customers, This is a cornerstone of our broad services strategy, to bring an array of Microsoft services to every person on every device."

Acer product head indicated this move as “integrated software development”. By placing the Windows app into Android platform Mobile companies can loot a lot of profit and can increase the productivity as well.

Android market is getting more competitive as companies like Xioami and One Plus strated delivering high end product at dirt cheap price. At this transition period Microsoft comes up with a new window of opportunity where Android OEMs can give their customers a lot of new things- in a line, advantages of Windows while keeping your OS Android!

No doubt that this partnership will start flowing waves of appreciation and may find a smarter business outlook.

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Google is Killing Picasa

Google Picasa

Google is officially killing Picasa as Google Photos has grown better. So Picasa is gonna to retire on 15th March. Picasa has been the first choice for web photo editing. From mid March Picasa support for desktop is gonna be stopped by the Google.


Now a day’s people look for something which is flexible to use and easy to manage. Google photo has come up in the place of Picasa and users now prefer Google photo as it’s easy to access and much user friendly. Moreover syncing photos in Google drive is easier than Picasa. User interface is also awesome while same in the Picasa is little bit clumsy.

How Google photos has killed Picasa and compelled Google to shut Picasa down. New features of have checked met Picasa in many ways. You can make some files in Google Photos in order to save the data in a perfect manner while in Picasa you can’t do it. Picasa shows only those images you have in your desktop and that also haphazard manner. Syncing in web or getting all the data in back up is also a problem. You can find any photo of your online library using google photo while searching the photo is picasa was a mess. In parallel Google Photo offers unlimited photo or video storage options. This is let your smartphone and laptop free of junk. Just getting logged into your account you can see and share your photos directly with the people you want. (Note: Recipient must have a Google Account).

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All these reasons have led Google to shut its popular software down. Before a year, Google ditched its social networking sites Orkut and now it’s turn for Picasa. Google has found the substitute for it also. Before a year Google launched Google photo and developed that in such a manner so that you don’t need to get into picasa further to play with your photos.

“After much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to retire Picasa over the coming months in order to focus entirely on a single photo service in Google Photos,” Google officially hanged the notice on Picasa’s official Blogspot today.

Though Picasa is closing down, you will be able to access your data backed up for a few months at least. For web Picasa you will get an easy option to transfer all your photos and videos to Google photos in a cinch.

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