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MovieBox for iOS: How to Download MovieBox for iPhone, iPad & Mac


Good news for all the movie buff apple users all around. Now you can download and use your favourite video and movie downloader app MovieBox in your iPhone, iPad and Mac. MovieBox has already created a lot of noise in the app world as it is considered one of the best apps to watch, download and enjoy one’s favourite movies, music and TV shows. Now with these methods of using MovieBox for iOS, makes all the apple user’s life more convenient who are eager to watch and download all the latest stuffs in one app.

MovieBox: Features for iOS

  • Latest Content: -You will find all the latest movies, music and TV shows inside the app and that too are regularly updated.
  • User-Friendliness: - The interface of the app is very simple, swift and interactive and hence the feel-good factor is present for the users.
  • Watch Movie Offline: - When you do not have proper internet connection, watching movies and TV shows offline feature is also present in the app.
  • Genre Segmentation: - All the content in the app are meticulously divided in different genres and subgenres like comedy, action, sci-fi etc. so that users don’t have to search for their favourite stuffs.
  • HD Quality Videos: - All the videos present inside the app is mostly of 1080 HD quality, so that the users get the best of experience.
  • Free Download: - All the videos can be saved and downloaded in your device without any cost.
  • Making Your Own Playlist: - Users also have the option to make their own playlists inside the app according to their choice.
Moviebox for iOS devices

Moviebox for iOS

MovieBox: How to download in iOS?

MovieBox is compatible with iOS 9.2.1 and other versions and your device need not be jailbroken in order to install and use MovieBox. As there is no official site of MovieBox, one needs to install Vshare to download MovieBox for iOS device.

Here are the steps explained below for installing MovieBox in your iOS device: -

  • Go to Settings > General > Profile > Developer and then click on Trust Developer
  • Download Vshare and choose the option Unjailbroken
  • After downloading Vshare, double click it and follow all the instruction to install it on your device
  • Open Vshare and in its search option, type MovieBox
  • Click on it and then download and install MovieBox in your iOS device

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The features and downloading process of MovieBox for iOS will surely allure you to opt for this app. Thus without wasting time just go for it and share your experience with us to make us improve and help others to get interested for the app.

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